Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon 2010 47

I’ve went to attended the Now I See! Spiritual Revival Concert organized by ICM. It’s all thanks to Liannie and some juniors for ‘bringing’ me to the concert. It was held in New Era College, Kajang on the 20th of March 2010.

It was really an enjoyable experience, a bit different from what I would have expected but still enjoyable nevertheless. I really do enjoy the Praise and Worship session [a bit similar to what is done in CSS, except most of the time we in CSS tends to loosen up too much] and the drama act. And I also do enjoy the energetic dances put up by the dancers [Liannie included]

Unfortunately I had to go early because I have other obligations to fulfill [obligations as in to fetch some juniors to the balloon fiesta in Putrajaya]. So I think I wouldn’t be qualified to say that I have had the full experience.

Honestly though, it managed to open my eyes a bit towards my own spiritual faith and perhaps I might join in more activities in the near future. Also, I would enjoy being a photographer for their upcoming activities [Invites, anyone?]

Here are some photos of the event [Some of the photos was improperly exposed since I’m still not used to the external flash unit of my camera]

All the photos you’ve seen here would have already been pasted on Facebook.

Now I See 1

Now I See 3

Now I See 4

Now I See 6

Now I See 8

Now I See 9

Now I See 11

Now I See 13

Now I See 15

Now I See 18

Now I See 22

Now I See 27

Now I See 33

Now I See 5 

Now I See 7 

Now I See 25

Now I See 30