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I visited Cameron once more last weekend. This time to visit the places I missed out during my first visit there during the CSSUPM Annual Camp back in September.

I went with a few of my lab-mates this time and the trip was a 3 days,2 night trip.

Introducing: my lab-mates


Cameron Trip 2 54

~Left to right: PeyYee, CheeHong, Cystale, Darren, JinPing (not my lab-mate)~


Day 1:


We used the Sg Pulai way up the Highlands which was a far better journey uphill if compared with the first trip up using the Tapah road. We sang to the music in CheeHong’s car while travelling up the hills. I guessed it must have been that which helped me to prevent my dizziness on the journey up-hill.

The weather wasn’t really good though during the journey up-hill as drizzling rain seemed to come and go.

Cameron Trip 2 1

~Rain rain… Go away~


Cameron Trip 2 2

~This may happen to you if you speed on the highlands…Lucky the car didn’t skid on the other side of the mountain… by which the fall will certainly be a long… And possibly fatal one…~

Cameron Trip 2 3

~One of the better hotels there – Equatorial hotel~

But since it was the holiday season and most of the hotels were full, we only to manage to find room at a small hotel in Brinchang town…

Cameron Trip 2 4

~The view from the hotel~

And by small I really mean that its small

Cameron Trip 2 5

~This is Chua Gin Hotel in Brinchang town~

Cameron Trip 2 6

~Its so small that the T.V. is small~

It was amazing that all 6 of us could fit into this room…

We arrived late in the evening and the first thing to find was dinner… There was quite a number of steamboat stalls just below where we stayed at… And we opt for a newly opened one… Called Restaurant Mountain House.

Cameron Trip 2 7

Apparently it was too newly opened that it didn’t really have enough staff and we ended up have to self service on certain chores which include topping up the soup base and also to get new plates from the nearby shelves.

The steamboat there also seemed to be so-so only…

Cameron Trip 2 8

~The usual eggs and noodles~


Cameron Trip 2 9

~The bulk of vegetables~

Cameron Trip 2 10

~Even more vegetables~

Cameron Trip 2 11 

~The double soup base~

Cameron Trip 2 12

~The plate of meat and seafood was quite ‘small’ IMHO~


I didn’t managed to go and did a survey on the better areas to eat at before going there so we ended up in this place… Do read up on the other reviews which could be found online to find better food.


We went for a short walk around the hotel area after dinner and spotted this signboard… Apparently the show sells ‘organs’ 😛

Cameron Trip 2 13


We also managed to visit the Friday and Saturday pasar malam which was just a stone throw away… There were loads of fried food for sales which was ‘ok’… What really got my attention was the strawberry ice-cream on sale there… RM1 for a stick but it was really worth the price…

Along side those items, many of the hawkers also sells fresh vegetables from the highlands at super cheap price…

Another amusing thing I came upon was this…

We were buying food from one of the stalls who accepts the money and keep it in this container box…

Cameron Trip 2 14

~Look closer… It doesn’t really look like a container if you have a closer look… Yup… Its a printer~


There isn’t really any nightlife in Cameron and most of us were tired so we just stayed in the room for the rest of the night, playing…

Cameron Trip 2 15

~Jutawan… The Malaysian version of Monopoly~

Day 2

Following the planning on the first day, we woke up at around 5am

Cameron Trip 2 16

The misty look in the morning…

It was really foggy…


Our destination: The tip of Brinchang mountain…

The height: 6666m above sea level

The reason: To see the sunrise

The things we know beforehand: It will be a tough ride uphill

Before going on the trip, I’ve read about the tough ride uphill… Even though the mountain is one of the few accessible by cars… But going uphill isn’t easy at all… Braving slopes as steep as 45 degrees and moving for 9km along a one way road where a mistake could easily bring you tumbling down the mountain…And we were braving this stunt in the dark some more… This challenge is really not for the inexperienced.

Our journey uphill… And the dark photos I took

Cameron Trip 2 17

~This looks a bit like we were speeding at the mountainside ala Need For Speed style… The road was really only large enough for a car to pass thru at a time at some points~


We had to stop quite a number a time to: Remove large branches from the middle of the road… And to check which road was it to go… There was two fork along the road uphill which we stopped to and got down to look at the signs clearly…

And eventually and thank God at that, we arrived at the peak… A station or some sort… Which we thought was the peak… It wasn’t until a while after arriving that we noticed the symbolic iron tower which many other reviews noted on their hilltop experience.

Cameron Trip 2 18

~The station on the peak of the mountain~


We climbed up the tower, with every step the temperature seemed to have gotten lower… I was really shivering in my sweater…

But once we saw what was awaiting us at the top of the tower… All our chills seemed to have melted away…

Cameron Trip 2 19

Dawn is arriving…


Cameron Trip 2 20

Cameron Trip 2 22 Cameron Trip 2 23

Cameron Trip 2 33 Cameron Trip 2 34

Cameron Trip 2 30

I took a lot of photos here… But most of the photos aren’t really nice… Since after a while the chills came back and I was shivering once more… Couldn’t really hold the camera properly… Can’t even feel what’s in my bag with my bare hands… Note to others… It may be a good idea to bring gloves up with you…


Cameron Trip 2 21

~This looks like where the Monkey King will have reside at~


It was truly mystical being up at the mountain top… Truly amazing… The only downside may be that there was quite a lot of clouds about and that really kinda spoil the sunrise… After a while all we could see was clouds… And the surroundings became misty…

Cameron Trip 2 35

~There was no editing in this photo… This was how misty it was up there… Or is it foggy???~


Cameron Trip 2 36

~The fog/mist made it look kinda scary at times :P~


Cameron Trip 2 37

~Really look like somewhere outside Malaysia~


Cameron Trip 2 38 

~We could finally see how the roads look like…. We could see how it look like while we were going up since it was dark~


Cameron Trip 2 39

~One particular sign which we missed up on our way uphill was the ‘hon’ sign… Its a good idea to honk before turning a turn where you can’t see the other side… So if there are cars on the other side… They can hear you coming~


Cameron Trip 2 40

~Seems like a scene out of the movies… I felt like Frodo Baggins on his journey to destroy the ONE RING… It won’t surprise me if the Ringwraiths suddenly jump out of the trees or a headless horseman suddenly rode by~


Cameron Trip 2 41


Cameron Trip 2 42

~The sights that we couldn’t see on your journey up~


Cameron Trip 2 43

~Its tea plantation everywhere~


Cameron Trip 2 44

~At times 2 cars can pass side by side~


Cameron Trip 2 45

Cameron Trip 2 46 

Cameron Trip 2 47 Cameron Trip 2 48

~Photos of the nearby Sg. Palas tea plantation~

On our way downhill, we stopped by the tea plantation at Sg Palas. The plantation only open at 9am so we lingered at the entrance… Taking shots of almost everything that we can shoot at

Cameron Trip 2 49

~Notice that the plantation does not open on Monday~


Cameron Trip 2 50

~In the dark you might not know which way is which but when you arrived at this fork, to get to the peak, turn left… The right road leads to the plantation.~


Cameron Trip 2 52

Cameron Trip 2 51 

~Its so green everywhere~


Cameron Trip 2 55

~Really big and green… And I’m fat…~


Cameron Trip 2 53

~Paparazzi shot from far far away~


Cameron Trip 2 57

~Are those clouds, mist or fog???~


Cameron Trip 2 58

~The mansions up here look like haunted mansions hidden behind the mist/clouds/fog~


Cameron Trip 2 60

~We passed by this Primary School on our way towards the observation point at Sg. Palas~


Cameron Trip 2 61

~The observation point~


Cameron Trip 2 63

~The entrance… Boh Tea Center, Sg Palas~


Cameron Trip 2 62

~When I take the photo it will look like this~


Cameron Trip 2 86

~When I’m not taking the photo it looks like this… Zzz… I guess I better stick with being the photographer and not the model~


Cameron Trip 2 65

~There was a cafe the the observation point… Where you can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea which looking down at the vast tea plantation at the vast Sg Palas Boh tea plantation…~


Cameron Trip 2 64

~The scones here was not that satisfying though~

There was a tour into the factory which process the tea leaves… But there wasn’t really anything to note in there…


Cameron Trip 2 67

~Going downhill~


On the way back to the small hotel… We stopped by the Butterfly farm nearby Equatorial Hotel. There wasn’t really much to be awed at this farm… But we do noticed certain unique organisms…


Cameron Trip 2 68

~The ‘Raja Brooke’… On the hand ya… Not the guy~


Cameron Trip 2 69

~This is NOT a leaf…~


Cameron Trip 2 72

~And this IS a frog~

There are snakes, scorpions, some farm animals, so beetles etc on display… But the farm really wasn’t worth it… And it charges RM5 for entry some more…

After lunch and a short rest at the hotel… We left for the Cactus farm and the Big Strawberry Farm… (The one which I visited before this)

There was really a lot of flowers for me to take shots at..

Cameron Trip 2 71


Cameron Trip 2 74

Cameron Trip 2 75

Cameron Trip 2 76

Cameron Trip 2 77

Cameron Trip 2 78

Cameron Trip 2 79

~Love taking photos of these babies~

There really isn’t any night life in Cameron so we revisited the night market once more after dinner… There was a shop which sells really sweet strawberries so be sure to try to strawberries on display if they allow you to…

We also had dinner at one of the more famous restaurant… I forgot the name though… All I know that its in the town area in front of the Multipurpose hall…

The food there was great… But I love the chili paste the most… Hot and spicy and enough ‘oomph’…

The night passed by with another monopoly game… By which I lost really really unfairly…


Day 3

Everyone woke quite late this morning… Possibly due to the tiredness the night before… Last few stops for this trip will be to have breakfast, then proceed to Kimanis Strawberry farm and then Kea Farm and finally the Ee Fen Gu bee farm.

We had breakfast at a small food stall behind our hotel… Food was so and so… Nothing much different compared with other stalls…

Cameron Trip 2 80

~The view in front of the stall~


We went to Kimanis farm because someone recommended the strawberries there… But it must have been quite a lousy season for the strawberries there since most of the ones I tasted there was sour…

Kea farm is one big farm… With a lot of stalls to visit… Albeit like the pasar malam… Apparently it was too much of a tourist attraction that the road there was jammed up for quite a while… Therefore, if you are interested in visiting Cameron… Don’t visit during the weekends or you’ll find yourself trapped in all sorts of traffic jam…

Ee Fen Gu bee farm was our last stop… We stopped by here to help a senior buy the honey here… Do be aware though, there aren’t really any large sign boards showing where this farm is… But it is a bit further down Kea farm…

I spent quite some time trying to capture the photo of a bee doing its work and followed a particular one for a few minutes before I lost sight of it… And without any photo… Darn…

Another note is that the bee farm is currently undergoing renovations…

My 2nd trip to Cameron doesn’t really have the excitement of my 1st visit but I finally managed to visit some of the popular areas… But still even after my 2nd trip here… Fact remains the same… Cameron is only suitable for those who like to travel around to look at nature etc… And not for those who like to shop… Cuz apart from vegetables, strawberries and a few other items… You can hardly find anything else to buy….

Still… I love the mystical look of the Highlands…


Spent around one week to accomplish this…

Here are the few nicer photos… (Some edited) Taken at Cameron… Hope you enjoy it…

Photo from Cameron

Photo from Cameron

Photos from Cameron

Photos from Cameron

It rained last night… The temperature dropped some more… Some participants did mentioned though that the coldness can’t compare to what they felt in their hometown… (Mostly those staying in Kundasang, Sabah…) But for me… It was too cool for my own comfort… (By now I had already lost my voice… Unable to sing the correct pitch… And had suffered from muscle discomfort because of the cold as well)

The weather was cloudy and wet when everyone aroused from their slumber… Some wanted to go for a morning stroll but upon seeing the weather, changed their plans… Some who did managed to go for a stroll ran back after a while as the drizzling rain got harder… (Guess who was it lar who went to walk in the rain…) Its never a good idea to get trap in a rain with strong wind in such a place…

~Nothing to do while waiting for the people to wake up and helping out in preparing breakfast… So a couple of random shots…~

The final session of the camp started once everyone finished their breakfast… It was a session of self discovery once more… Presented by Hezron by which he shared us his story on life and how he discovered himself… And what CSSUPM meant to him… It was the session which brought many to tears… (Even the Dr himself…)… The sight of one of us unable to hold their tears and break down on the spot made me felt that I shouldn’t break down as well… Since breaking down was like showing your weak side to everyone else… But after all that everyone have been through… There really isn’t any reason to hide the tears from everyone else…

This session could have changed the lives of many… If they could only remember what they had felt… And relive it everyday… None of us are perfect… We could remembered how our lives was and how we would like our lives to change towards… But will one be strong enough to start making the changes towards accomplishing what they really wanted… Or will this session be drowned with time… Being just a moment of self discovery and later… Just a memory… I guess this can only be decided by each and everyone of us…

~Hezron and John (the guitarist) is responsible for making at least half of the participants shed tears… Bad Hezron… Bad John…~

We sang the theme song once more… ‘You, me and Us’…Hands in hands… With all our voice and all our might… Regardless of how our voices sounded like… For it didn’t matter to any of us… Nor did it matter to God… Praising God as a family… The CSSUPM family…

After everyone managed to keep their emotions in check… Devebra handed out the evaluation forms for everyone while the emcee and prize giving committee prepared to announce the teams which prevailed during the camp…

Each team got a hamper regardless of whichever placings they were in… It was a close match between all the teams… But only one could prevail… And at the end of the day… Team St. Gabriel triumphed narrowly over Team St Jude which stood at 2nd place… (Truth be told it was a close competition throughout the few days… Gabriel lead at the end of the first day but lost the lead to Team Jude and Team Theresa prior to the performance session on the 2nd night… We managed to secure the 2nd place in the performance night in front of Team Jude and Team Theresa: Team Bernadette performed the best in the performance… Securing more points in the performance than Team Jude and Team Theresa eventually lead us to retake the lead once more…  In the end, the point differences between Jude and Gabriel was around 2 points… Close victory… I know winning isn’t everything… But really happy ler… I was jumping around once they announced the winner…)

~Everyone was happy to receive goodies packs from Dr Kenny~


~But the happiest should be Gabriel… (Love you guys and girls -Alan)~ (Really proud of all of ya)

~Official group photo… (Just noticed that everyone blocked the banner… Didn’t noticed that before… Haha)~

~Informal group photo… I guess everyone loved to jump now since we are all always jumping during the Praise and Worship sessions…~

Everyone started to take loads and loads of photos after that (which easily explains why there are more than 1.5k photos at my place at the moment…) while waiting for lunch and the bus to arrive… Dr Kenny joined the band to play a few songs… By which everyone got in the mood and started dancing on the spot… Be it cha-cha, tango, chicken-walk (by Janice), twists (by Percival), Sumazau dance, hip hop/ breakdance (by Gary) or any dances which have never shown up on Earth before… Everyone present followed the tune and had fun… I don’t think you’ll find another scenario like this in any other camps… It was truly an unforgettable experience… (I danced along as well… I remembered that the dance which I could do the best was the chicken dance alongside Janice…)

~Of course we didn’t forget to share the spoils won~

~The prizes were really simple… But I guess in the end, what really matters was how each and everyone of us journeyed together to make nothing into something in the camp…~
~Guess who was so free to line up the bottles of drinks and the mascot together…~

~We even shared the prize with Dr Kenny… (I pray that Dr Kenny won’t hunt me down for posting up this photo…)~

All good things must come to an end… That’s what on my mind as we made our way back onto the bus after having lunch… By then, most of us had already finished packing up… Despite of that, I could feel that many of us had hoped to possibly stay another day or two at the place… After all the fun we had… It just seemed sort of sad to leave…

But that’s not the end of the story yet…

During the 3 days stay at the Barre I.J Center… Most of us didn’t really have the time to go and walk around at Cameron (except for the alumnis’ and Dr Kenny of course…) And it was time to finally visit one final place… A strawberry farm…

~Imagine all the pots being filled with the reddest, juiciest and tastiest strawberries you could ever find… (I’m salivating while typing this… 😛 )~
~If there was a place where all the strawberry lovers came to gather… This would be the place…~

It may be a good idea to keep the love for strawberries in check though… Or you might find yourself turning into a strawberry…

~I know turning into a strawberry is a lame joke attempt~

The place is filled not only with strawberries… But with loads of flowers… (I think Janice will be very happy if she could get the flowers here weekly for the Saturday night mass at chapel…)

~Fiona with some flowers (I don’t really know what flowers are those… All I remembered was Fiona pulling me to this corner and posed…)~

~Tracy, Fely and John… (Why so serious, John??)~

There was also cactus… Loads of them for sale… Each with its different shape and sizes…

~Kevin seemed happy to see the cactus…~ (I think he was a bit excited by the shape of the cactus)

There was also a pond with ten dwarves by which many of us took photos of…

~Meet the ten dwarves~

~This little girl must have gotten a bit amazed at how long they could pose… No??~

~We didn’t hesitated to spend a bit, buying strawberries and souvenirs for those at home. It became like shopping… Except you are a few thousand feet above sea level…~

~A group photo at the farm~

It wasn’t long before we really have to leave to get back to UPM… And everyone was either sleeping or trying to sleep which the bus traveled the winding roads back down the hills… (The winding road really seem to be more winding than when we first got up)…

The bus may have traveled at a slower pace compared to the journey there… But it didn’t matter to the tired family on board… What’s important was that after 3 to 4 hours of bus ride… We finally arrived safely in front of KMR…

~One of the mascot followed us back~ (It’s Gabriel mascot man… Any more doubts on who should have triumph??)


I’m very sure that each of the participants have their very own story to tell regarding their experiences during the camp… What they have learned… What they have felt living together with this family of Catholics… Each of us could have told different versions of the same story… What you have read here is just my version of the story… And to sum up this version.. the camp had been something I greatly enjoyed… And truly a wonderful experience for me… I’m really glad that I did joined the camp…

Quoting from Fr. Chris… ‘I’m a man of few words…’ I really am… Its just that I wanted to share what we all went through to everyone else… And few words seemed to be insufficient in doing that…

Thanks for reading this… There is still a video post coming… Be patient ya…


(Hope you all enjoyed the journey I had in Cameron… It truly a fascinating one… And I tested out using different styles of writing for the 3 updates… Which did you think was more interesting??)

~Copied the post from the CSSUPM blog once more… Lets see… I started blogging about this at 10.30pm and now its 2.15am…Close to 4 hours… Could faint again… Haha… Hope I could wake up early for church tomorrow…~
Continuing from the last post… What did happened at 2.30am in the morning….?

I remembered lying on bed around 1.30am and then being shook on the leg at 2.30am… I could see the tiredness of the other participants as they aroused from their short sleep… And the second thing I remembered about was the cold…

It was cold… Really cold I remembered… One of the girls had leg cramps due to the coldness while we are asleep… Salutations to those who helped her… And the cramps was something which happened again for the other participants throughout the few days… ~Yours truly got his leg cramped during the second night during the short Praise and Worship session… While Melynita leg got cramped minutes before the performance session… Lucky she managed it…~

It was so cold that those without any jackets wrapped themselves in their blankets and proceed down to the Nicolas Hall… ~Me included…~

There was a number of participants already there when I arrived and a small ‘altar’ was set up as shown in the above photo for the 3am Divine Mercy…

Yup… The event of the wee hours of the morning was Divine Mercy…

~Everyone settling down for the Divine Mercy…~ ~Noticed me being wrapped up in the blanket… I look a bit like an oversized out-of-place Frodo Baggins on his way to destroy the One Ring because of the blanket…~

The whole session took around half and hour to one hour and after that, everyone was allowed to continue their dreams in bed…

Fast forward to 6 a.m… The temperature must have dropped a few more degrees since 3a.m… Freezing cold… There weren’t any fans and the windows are all shut but it still felt colder than an air-conditioned room with its air conditioned set to the lowest setting applicable…

~Yup… Its really very cold~ ~Really no kidding…~
~Something is REALLY wrong with this person since the first thing he does when he woke up was to take this photo~ ~Yup… Guess who else took this…~
~Francis trying to warm up by touching the kettle with boiling water…~ ~The kettle trick didn’t really worked though… But a warm drink in that condition really help out a lot…~

Since the events of the morning started off a bit late (it was tough to pull people out of bed)… Some of us managed to go off wandering out of the camp site…

~A photo of one of the blooming flowers in front of the center…~ ~Edited already to look it’s best…~
~Posing with the signboard… Fiona blocked off the I… (Noticed that Lorna has St. Gabriel’s mascot with her)~

Speaking about mascots… Each team was also given an egg and a biscuit to keep with them till the end of the camp… Eggs and biscuits… The biscuits served at the camp was similar to the biscuit given to us… Its a wonder noone mistook the biscuits as food for breakfast and ate them…

~Egg and biscuit (The egg in this picture broke due to an accident with Gary… He stepped on it… But that was after the camp was over)~ ~We were partying a bit too hard and Gary stepped on it…~
~Washing up after breakfast… Lorna is still holding the mascot…~

It was around 8 plus when we finally finished breakfast and cleaning up and proceeded with the sessions of the second day…The first session of the morning was a talk from Dr Kenny about Vision and Mission… Its a talk which involved everyone thinking of what they think was the Vision and the Mission of CSSUPM… The session even though short managed to get everyone thinking what do they want for CSS and how and what they should do to achieve it… Each team was then given time to decide on what they want and then a short presentation session was given to each team to voice their opinions and ideas on the subject… It gave chance to everyone to say something about CSS and how they want it to be… Sort of like a training for the upcoming EXCO members…

~Dr Kenny and the teams during their discussion session~~The facilitators for the session… Each team got one to facilitate their discussion on the topic… R to L: Kevin, Lawrence, Olivia, Dominic and Clement~

Dr Kenny made a good example allowing the participants to CARRY their OWN understanding of Vision and Mission literally…

~Everyone… Meet Kevin and four smaller guys..~

Dr Kenny had the four smaller guys to carry Kevin along a small obstacle course to illustrate the Vision and the Mission of the activity… As big as Kevin is… Do not underestimate the power of these four guys…

~The obstacle course… Made out of chairs… From one end to the other… Over a bunch of chairs and around another four chairs…~
~And they are off…~~And mission accomplished… Amazing… Rite?? Power to the smaller sized people… :)~ ~It was really amazing ok?!~
I guess Kevin might have been praying that they didn’t dropped him and made him break his back or the chairs or something… And God was listening.. 🙂

~Fiona and Garrie with their points~
~Nova with her ‘misi’~~This two are Jenna and Francis… ~

Actually this was what I enjoyed seeing… A bunch of new juniors standing out to present instead of the old faces… (Sorry Fiona, Garrie and Nova… You’re not old looking ya…) Its always hard to take the first step out and express yourselves… From what I’ve seen from Jenna and Francis… Both of them are very reluctant when their team members proposed them to go up and present… But then… during the presentation, they are actually very good when discussing their points… Maybe both of them had learned something new about themselves during the session… We may have found diamonds amidst rocks… (Metaphor) ~Frankly Jenna’s arguements during the presentation really did impressed me… And truth be told I really wasn’t expecting much of them as well… But how wrong was I… Her presentation coupled with Francis’s humor created one of the better presentations during this session… Really… IMHO~

Following Dr Kenny session was another short session by Michael who talk about CSSUPM and family…

~Michael is giving us a lecture as well :)~

All in all, the morning sessions have given us an insight towards what we all want for CSSUPM…After a brief morning break with some drinks and kuih… We returned for the second session, the bible quiz…

~Sitting within teams to discuss about the answer…~

It turns out that this session may be what we all needed every once in a while… To help us remember what we really know about the bible… Questions like… Who are the 12 apostles of Christ and What are the Ten Commandments…which are quite common could even start a debate on which is wrong and which is right… Especially for the Ten Commandments at which each Christian denominations has their very own and slightly different Commandments (thanks to Nova for clearing this up…)
It seems that we must indeed punish ourselves for all the wrong answers we brought forth…. Being Catholics and all… But the bible quiz has punishments of their own… While each correct answer brings forth marks to the team… Each wrong answer will be followed by the team getting a random punishment from the box…~I cringed everytime Team Gabriel has to answer a question… Praying silently for them to get it correctly… Since comittee members cannot help to answer the quiz… But still have to be punished as well… Lucky the worst was to sing the Senyum song replacing the Senyum with Kentut…~
The sorts of punishments from the box:

~Walking like ducks around the hall~
~Dancing~ ~Laughing like a bunch of madmen and madwomen…~
~Spelling out our theme with you behinds… (I have this on vid… Be patient for the video post)~

~Singing senyum with kentut words…~

As crazy as the above punishments may seem… Most of us really had a great time… It shows that one can have fun while testing their bible knowledge at the same time… But still the outcome of the quiz basically shows that we all have to brush up on our bible knowledge… As Fiona mentioned… ‘Bible sharing anyone??’Lunch followed after that… Apparently answering question from the bible drained us all so much that most of us were starving… But lunch once again… was in abundance… And everyone could have their fill of the food…Some of the late comers becoz of business to attend to join us after lunch

~Guess who’s in the house man… Yup.. Its Gary and Geo~~And of course Gary’s introduction won’t be complete without his breakdance…~

After the two guys introduced themselves and got sorted out into the teams… The teams were given a new task… Given three songs each… They have to make up a performance that is over ten minutes for the night session… The afternoon session was more less for the teams to create their own performance and for a short session of games…

~Team Gabriel discussion in the dining hall~ ~Why so many mentions of Team Gabriel??? Because they are my team ma…~

The games held:

~Sketching out more popular advertisements commercials~
~Balloon fight… Which got really wild after a while with everyone running everywhere~

And a treasure hunt… No photos on this as I was running all over the place ‘hunting’ as well…The night session was the performance session… I’ll only upload the photos on these… Please be patient for the videos…

~Joseph pleading to Jaclyn to accept his girlfriends Nouly…~
~Team Bernadette’s dance~
~Geo must have sent sparks flying off the eyes of the girls when he got into that pose..~
~Team Jude’s love story~
~Team St Paul’s sketch of a girl betraying her guy and how the guy left her… One of the music played was ‘Apologize’ at which… Its too late to apologize… Its tooo lateeeee~~~ ~Jaclyn’s team St Theresa dance… Absolutely loved how Jaclyn danced (Wait for video post)~
~Joseph is really into the dance…~

If you would like a copy of all the videos of the camp… Can find me once I finish collecting all of em… So far I know there are still more vids out there of the camp…Everyone had a brief photo session after the performances and the results will only be out on the next day…

~Nice shots showing Victor about to bite into something…~
That’s basically what happened on the 2nd day of the camp… Most fell asleep once they reach their bed while some talk with others till they too fell asleep in the cold conditions that night… But I’m certain from how everyone was, they had really enjoyed their time in the camp so far…Finally… find out who will top the other teams as we proceed into the final session on the 3rd day alongside the prize giving ceremony and the trip around Cameron before we headed back to UPM…

~Okay lets see… I think that a blog account of what happened during the camp couldn’t convey what each and every one of us participants had experienced… But still the bottom line is: I had loads of fun there… Singing and dancing… Till today my voice hadn’t really come back after I sort of lost it during one of the Praise and Worship sessions… Another point which I had pointed out to some before this and am pointing out again now is to drop all sense of protection from oneself when joining a camp like this… Don’t care about your image or whether you are suppose to be cute… cool… manly etc… Just let your hair down and do what you want… Dance when you hear the music… Sing when there is a tune… Don’t refrain yourself from enjoying… And thru it… You will realize that even the simplest things can be fun to do… For me… Apart from losing my voice… I had… dance all of a sudden with Jenna in the dining room while they were practicing the performance (She mentioned it was fun to dance with me… Lol… Wonder how can like that… I barely know how to dance properly)… Reached out on my own to hug and to make peace with everyone else during the Praise and Worship session… Got teary eyed during Nanaq’s session… Thinking back now… I felt a bit like… ‘I can’t believe I actually did that’…  So once more… Break out of the timid you… This is the time for you to have fun… With all the other members of the family… This Catholic family of yours… And when you break out of your shell and allow others to truly experience the real you… You yourself will find that you are closer to the other members of your family as well… At least thats what I felt…~