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First off, Happy New Year to all. I haven’t been updating for a long long while partially because I was very caught up with my work and dedications.

It’s the time of the year when I look back at 2010 and noted out some of the things which clearly  made my year (either great or miserable).

1. Someone broke into by car and stole the car battery

I still have no idea how someone could open up a locked car hood and took out the battery.


2. Became an avid photographer covering certain events and functions (such as), and getting some good shots off people as well.

1. CSSUPM Annual Dinner 2010.

Had a great time with great retro dressing models.

2. Now I See Spiritual Revival Concert 2010.

I wasn’t an official photographer for the event but since anyone can basically just go up front to take photos, I just went ahead. Anyway. Shot for 2 concerts, first one was in New Era College Kajang, and the second at a University in Sunway.

3. Staged photoshoots.

Managed to ask Joanne & Leo, Fang Wen and Shirley & Ezone to model for me. I still feel that the photos are lacking a lot though. Need more practice.

4. Desmine and Melissa’s Wedding

My first ever Wedding photoshoot. And I didn’t do quite well. Hmmm. But they are a loving couple. Apparently starting a family soon ^^.

5. UPM Dogathon 2010

Once again, not an official photographer. But I reckon I got some great shots that day.

6. CSSUPM Annual Camp 2010

Camp 248

I realized I didn’t blog about this since I was on a break. Regardless I had a fun, great and emotional time at Port Dickson.

7. Chinese Opera Charity Concert

Actresses and Daniel

This was a charity event so I wasn’t paid for it (nor I was for most of the events). But still enjoy taking photos of the actors and mostly actresses on stage. Also didn’t blog about this but most of the photos can be found on my Facebook.

8. Alex and KaeChing’s Wedding.

Kae Ching and Alex

Was a guest but that didn’t keep Esme (my camera) away. They finally tie the knot after… 7-8 years?? And they will surely have many more years to look forward to.

9. CSSUPM Freshies Day.

Dance 1

Welcoming the lovely juniors to the family away from home.

10. English Language Dinner

Group 24

Was called to shoot this event. More photos on Facebook. Though I think I was paid for this. Since the dinner was free for me ^^.

11. Some random shots of people around me

Chapel Milo Party 13

Nova might kill me for this. But its a lovely very descriptive shot.

12. Macro photography.Bee 1Bee

Loving the Tamron 90mm lens I have right now.

3. Met Karen Kong during Alex and KaeChing’s wedding.

I’m a fan for hers though not so recently. But I do like some of her songs. Did managed to get a couple of photos of her.

Karen Kong on stage 3

4. Won a few tickets online for miscellaneous events.

Ticket 1

Tickets to Moto GP UK from Air Asia, which I didn’t go because it was in the UK. And they gave me the tickets 1 week before the event.


Ticket 7

NTV7 Star Live Concert 2010 tickets from which I gave to Sally.


I did won tickets to Alice in Wonderland special screening though… I misplace the photo but I gave the tickets to TJF and Wei Keat. That particular screening was pretty harsh on my wallet though cause even though I got the tickets for free… I was fined for speeding on my way back from the cinema TT.

5. Got my photo published in a magazine.

I remember I intended to get a photo out in a magazine during my 2010 resolutions which I made in 2009. And in November 2010, I got my first photo out in the Digital SLR Magazine Malaysia October 2010 issue. I submitted the photo in September and I was very disappointed when it didn’t come out in the September issue but was really shocked when I saw it in the October issue. Won a memory card as well. Hurray for me.

6. Took care of a CAT for a whole month.

Smokey 5

Smokey isn’t mine. She’s Sandy’s cat but Sandy is having her break so I offer to take care of her. And she is one timid cat. Enjoy my time scaring her all over the place. She’s going back to Sandy soon though. I might miss her. But she’s better off with Sandy since I found out that I can be quite a bully Smile with tongue out

7. Lost some weight.

I have no proof of this yet though since I haven’t weight myself for sometime. But since most of my jeans are a lot looser than they was, I guess I should have lost a few kgs. But definitely didn’t reach my target of 65kg. Perhaps somewhere within 70kg to 75kg. I’ll keep trying the coming year.

8. Cried my eyes out during the CSSUPM Annual Camp.

Camp 186 (captioned)

I did mention that it was emotional but you would never guess how emotional it was for me. Perhaps only the few who sat beside me knew what had happened. But it got me to change some parts of me though I guess. Some parts of the evil me still remain but I’ll slowly take care of that.

9. Travelled all over Malaysia.

I went to Malacca, Johor, Penang, Kedah, Pangkor, Perak and also went back Labuan for a few weeks. Didn’t managed to go outside Malaysia though like in 2009 when I went Taiwan. But AirAsia is already flying to South Korea and also New Zealand next year. These destinations are really tempting me. Maybe I will really fly to this places in 2011.


Went to AIMST university in Kedah when my sister enrolled there.


Monkey 9

Got attacked by monkeys and leeches during my trip to Pangkor. It was funny though.



Went to Malacca with CharYong to meet up with FangWen for her photoshoot.


10. And finally… Made a decision to get my doctorate by 2013.

I have to graduate by then. Seriously I have to!!! Working hard on it now. Progress this year had been better than the past years but its still a long way to go and I still can’t see the end of the road. But I’ll keep walking… And I have to go on a faster pace as well. Lets do it!!!


I hope your 2010 was as eventful as mine ^^


Managed to get this young cute couple to model for me just before they went back to Borneo. It was a bit hard to start off as always since I was at a loss of ideas. But once it got off things went a bit better.

Location of shoot: UPM Bukit Expo and Presint 2, Putrajaya.

Here are some of the photos:

Shirley and Ezone5

Shirley and Ezone8

Shirley and Ezone22

Shirley and Ezone26

Shirley and Ezone32

Shirley and Ezone34

Shirley and Ezone38

Shirley and Ezone41

Shirley and Ezone46

Shirley and Ezone48

Shirley and Ezone6

Shirley and Ezone15

Shirley and Ezone16

Shirley and Ezone25

Shirley and Ezone31

Shirley and Ezone33

Shirley and Ezone37

Thanks again to Shirley and Ezone for helping me out with this 🙂

A few more tips regarding photography

  1. Snap as much as you can
  2. Best lighting conditions are early in the morning or during the evening
  3. Starting is always hard but after a while it will become easier to conduct the shoot
  4. Allow the subject to do something with each other.

And with this shoot I’m hope I’m ready for my big assignment this Saturday.

Here’s a few photos to show what happened during the photo shoot the other day. Honestly it was an uneventful shoot except for a very tired and very sweaty photographer. No special setups or equipments except for my camera and a 50mm prime lens.






Gosh… I looked so disorganized.

*Credits: Photos above are mostly taken on Phoebe’s camera.

Thanks to Joanne and Leo for following me out on this shoot. We did this at Putrajaya and I learnt a lot of things from this shoot since it was officially my first outdoor shoot with real life people modeling for me. Also it was a bit awkward when we started since neither I nor the models know how to get things started. Even Phoebe, the bun eating assistant, didn’t really know what to do.

Well we eventually got started and I got tons of photos which didn’t work out right but some did turn out quite well. All photos were taken using a D90 with 50mm f/1.8 lens.



















J&L 13


J&L 14





Things I’ve learnt thus far:

  1. Prepare food and drinks for the model
  2. Go shooting outdoors early in the morning
  3. Its better to choose the day after a rainy day since it reduces chances of haze.
  4. Read through magazines to get ideas of how you want the shots to be
  5. Bring a towel or an extra shirt if you sweat easily (Like me)

Anyway… I’m really looking forward to the next shoot.

Warning: Newbie giving advices, so not all info might be right. Do correct me if I’m wrong.

It was 2 years of training with my semi-pro digital camera before I decided to make the transition to using a DSLR. The transition was because I found that there were still a lot of limitations on a digital camera and on the contrary of my experience in a digital camera, I haven’t had much practice on a DSLR before I got mine.

I remember when Esme first arrived. I spent a few hours reading through the manual, understanding only parts of it before I started my hands-on on it. And a lot of things really seemed new to me. It really takes a while to get used to it.

I gotten Esme late November 2009 mainly because I was planning to bring her to Taiwan with me during my trip. I remember experimenting with Esme a few days before the trip, among which I went to Putrajaya to take some night shots [Which mostly turn out horrible]. Some of the photos are shown below:

Blog for Esme 2

Horrible!!! [Quite underexposed]

One thing which I really couldn’t get used to then was using the viewfinder instead of the liveview. [FYI: viewfinder is where you look through with your eye to see what you are taking photo of, and liveview is what you find on most digital camera LCD screen where the image you want to take photo of is shown on the screen]. This caused quite a problem because I totally lost my ‘balance’ as in I couldn’t make my photos look balanced. It’s either leaning towards one side or the other.

Blog for Esme 1

The photo looked tilted here.

And that caused a lot of cropping to get the images balanced. Even now, I still do a lot of cropping especially when things like that happen.

After that I became a bit conscious about the lens smudges and dust off the lens every now and then. especially how much a single lens cost so I went to read up on how to take care of lens and gotten myself a UV filter to put on every time I’m near water or near the beach. I’ve even gotten myself a lenspen to ‘clean’ the lens when it’s necessary

Then a few days before I got to Taiwan, I gotten a circular polarizing lens (CPL) filter which helps in making the skies bluish especially when it looks boring. It also helps in reducing reflections which really came in handy especially when I was taking photos in the aquarium and by the seaside. The only problem with the filter was that it’s full potential can only be unleashed when the sun is at a proper direction. It also did help a bit while I was taking photo out of moving vehicles as it reduces the reflections from the glasses. I guess I might be using it as a tone down filter also if I’d want to make river flows seemed smooth especially on sunny days since CPL filters darkens the exposure by one or two stops. Some better photos from Taiwan [even better might not be too good]

Taiwan trip 16

Taiwan trip 27

Taiwan trip 33


The following photos were taken with CPL filter on. Notice the lack of reflections from the glass

Taiwan trip 1

In the end, I did get quite a number of nice photos from Taiwan but my framing and composition was horrible at that moment. Not to mention that there’s still a number of things I still couldn’t understand. So after the trip, I started reading a number of books on composition and tips and tricks on taking photography. I would really recommend Petersen’s Photographic Digital Photo Guide which can be found in bookstores in Malaysia. There are currently 5 volumes of this magazine out and the guide really helps a lot in teaching you framing, composition, exposure, taking shots of nature, lenses etc etc. Do grab a copy if you find one at a bookstore near you. There’s also another 1-volume magazine which teaches on basic photography techniques and some post processing techniques called Ultimate Guide to Digital Photography, 3rd edition.

Source: Petersen’s Photographic Digital Photo Guide


I was very much engrossed in reading up on photography for the next 2 months and while reading about that, I learned about the nifty fifty lens [50mm prime lens f/1.8] which was one of the cheaper lens which give good bokeh [Bokeh means how some lens can throw certain areas out of focus depending on where you are focusing at]. I’ve read about how potential this particular lens was and decided to give it a try. Bought it, and played around with it and learnt a lot of things after playing with it. Its so hard to get the focus right especially at f/1.8. Another thing which I failed to realize was how narrow 50mm was. Being a prime lens, you cannot change the zoom in it and so you’d have to adjust yourself and your subjects just to get a shot right [which frankly is what photographers should do]. And you’d have to stand very very far away if you want to take group photos. Very far away especially when the group was big. I found out about this while using it to take photos of the big large group during the CNY dinner. Failed photo below

Blog for Esme 3

I was standing quite far away when I took this photo and all I can see is still half of the people present. [Note to self: Don’t use 50mm prime lens to take group photos]

But the good thing about the 50mm prime is that with the proper settings you can get something like this:

Blog for Esme 4

Blog for Esme 10

Blog for Esme 11

Blog for Esme 5

Blog for Esme 9

Notice the bokeh


The following shows just how powerful the depth of field of a 50mm prime lens can be at f/1.8

Blog for Esme 6

Focus on foreground…

and then

Blog for Esme 7

Focus on midground [the pillows] throw both the foreground and the background out of focus.

and finally

Blog for Esme 8

Focus on background [the plastic bags] throwing both the bottle and the pillows out of focus.

And with that, the possibilities are almost limitless. Imagine what a f/1.4 or an f/1.2 can do.

But it’s often very hard to get the focus right without proper practice. I’ve gotten spoilt photos because the focus was off. Imagine a photo with the eyes in focus but the nose out of focus.

Till now I’m still practicing with the 50mm prime lens.

After I gotten the lens, I decided to take back revenge on my failed first shoot at Putrajaya at night and gotten myself a tripod and this time with the proper knowledge, went for a Round 2 photo shoot session at night. Guess who won?

Blog for Esme 13

Sorry for the watermark but I really want to use it for some other purposes.

After that I noticed that at night it was hard to take photos of people at night so I invested in a hot shoe flash.

And I managed to overcome the darkness and played around with bounce flash [which is basically bouncing the flash off the walls to make more natural light and not use the flash directly on the subject] and filled flash [by which you flash in broad daylight to reduce the shadow effect produced by the unique features on the human face or by other things]. Also learnt to make a better bounce card as shown here.

I’ve learnt all this to prepare for the CSSUPM Annual Dinner by which I was one of the photographers. You can refer to this link to see the photos.

Retro Rendezvous 22

One of the nicer photos.

Even so, most of the photos are a bit overexposed since I was using Auto flash with the flash aimed at the ceiling, so it almost every-time gave out a full powered flash which overexposed the subjects. Will use manual controls to control the bounce flash power after this.

Also Joachim, a junior of mine who has more experience in the photography field also taught me about color balance, about how to maintain the proper color of what you saw. Very often we have seen photos taken under orange-ish light which cast a strong orange-ish color on the skin and this can be properly corrected by presetting color balance before taking the photo or do it during post processing. This became very useful and reading about this eventually lead me to learn about another feature in photography which is using spot metering. I really want to try some spot metering portraits soon especially shots that darken most of the face but keeps parts of it visible.

And finally I went for my virgin fireworks shoot with Esme by which a mistake on my part cost us better fireworks photos. But I will redeem myself in the next fireworks event I’m going to go to.

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon 2010 26

One of the nicer fireworks photo.

Thus is my journey so far with Esme, and I’ll be doing some more photo shoots with her to get more used to it.

Sometimes I get the feeling that, photography is not only a hobby, but a passion. 🙂