Angry cat

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I have an anger issue. Even my ex used to tell me about it. She said that I really have to control the anger which builds inside of me for no apparent reason. And I must apologize for letting her be the place where I release the swelling anger.

Anger has been swelling within me since Tuesday morning. Take this situation.

You are awaiting a parcel delivery from Citylink Express. The parcel was sent by the sender on Monday so tentatively, given that it’s express delivery, it should have reached the very next day. And so you waited the whole morning for that parcel. And it didn’t show. Alright then, perhaps they got sidetracked somewhere you thought. So on Wednesday, you called in to the hotline to ask where your parcel is. And so this girl’s voice told you that the parcel is on it’s way and tentatively will arrive before 5.30pm. Since you’re not feeling too well that day, you decided to wait for it. Fast forward and the clock shows 4.30pm. The elusive parcel was nowhere to be seen. So you made another call. And the girl’s say to have patience, that it will arrive before 5.30pm. And so we all ‘know’ what happens when 5.30pm arrives. No parcel. Next day, Thursday morning, you called once more, and this time the girl noticed that its you again. And so she takes down your address and number, says that she’s going to ask for the time the delivery man will stop by your place and then called you back. So you waited a while and still no call. So you decided to go to work and come back later when they finally called. Fast forward to lunch time. You received a call from the delivery man saying he’s outside your house. And that’s when you feel pissed. You tried to negotiate with him saying that you’ll rush  back now but he says he got other delivery to make. And so you decided to tell him a particular time when you’ll be at home so that he can make a second delivery. This story is still ongoing at the time of typing so you’re now at home waiting for the guy to come back with your parcel.

Some might argue that, its okay to be pissed off and angry since it’s the problem with the delivery. Anyone would have been angry. But I have to consider that being pissed off and angry at the person now wouldn’t help me get my parcel sooner. So after going through a morning of raging anger, I had to force myself to calm down and think. And so I’ve asked him to come again politely, even inserting a ‘Terima Kasih’ (Thank You) at the end of my message. And I really hope that he comes or I might find difficulties controlling my rage again.

Anger is really something that destroys a person and the person’s relationship with everyone around him. I did have this argument sometime ago with a friend and taking note of those factors which fuels an argument really helps. But sometimes its hard cause even when you’re using the tips to resolve an argument, the other party just don’t understand what you’re trying to do.

Another instance will be a chat session a few nights ago. We were chatting about religion and the arguments she made really cause me to lose myself. So much so that I called her a ‘hypocrite’. And I really do regret using that word. I did apologize and thankfully things are ok.

I think that some of my anger management methods are working. At least, I acknowledge that the current me handles anger a lot better than the me a few years ago.

But still I definitely won’t be using Citylink anymore. And I suggest anyone reading this to think twice before going for Citylink. I’m just really dissatisfied with their service.