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It’s semester break now in UPM and I’ve organized a bible sharing session with those left behind. It was also nice to see the chapel very once in a while during the semester break. Thanks to the few who came.

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I was part of the Compassion Walk team who ‘walked’ in downtown KL, on the 12th of March 2011 (3.30pm to 4.30pm), to spread awareness that there were still people in need of love and compassion. And these people are the addicts, the alcoholics, the HIV positives, and those with AIDS.Page 2

~Roughly 350 youths walking to downtown KL.~

Some people today seemed to be unable to accept and to love these people who are living amidst them. They have prejudice towards these people just because they are ‘problematic’ and different. And they’ll have nothing to do with these people.

And I would say part of our objective is to make them aware that these people are still human, not much different from who we are. They are capable of feeling hurt, unwanted, lonely, and depressed. DSC_0175-horz

The mission was simple, to put on the shirt, and ask people to HUG us. But the message to me, to the youth who followed the walk… was a powerful one. For to put on the shirt was to admit that, I am an addict, I am HIV-positive, I have AIDS, or I am an alcoholic. We, who donned the shirt, was to be in the position of these people. I’d approached total strangers, said this to them: ‘I am an addict, can you give me a hug?’’ and wait for them to give me that hug.

And for much of the time, they just walked away. And it struck me. The people we are portraying were experiencing the same thing. People shunned them off/despise them/avoid them because they are different. How would you feel if no one were to love you, to care for you, to show compassion to you? How would you feel if you approached someone for help and that person just walked away, much like how many of those whom we approached that afternoon did?

I’ve learnt (first-hand) that afternoon that the world could really use more love and compassion. I’ve learnt that I can no longer feel indifferent towards the sufferings of other people. There are tonnes of other people in need of help out there, the people we have portrayed, the homeless, the orphans but what have we done to help them.

Page 1

~Preparing food and drinks, feeding the poor and homeless~

I gave food to the homeless earlier that day, watch them eat and listened to their stories of how they lived each day taking one step at a time. And their day can be a blessing or a curse for them, depending on how that day turned out. They might be having a warm night sleep by the roadside or they could be soaking wet when it rains. Yet, I realized they are as human as the rest of us. They have parents, siblings and friends. They still have hope and dreams for a better life. Some managed to maintain their dignity by which they really didn’t like to be termed ‘homeless’ or to be found scraping food and materials out of trash. They didn’t like to feel ‘sympathy’ from others because of their dignity and yet they don’t have a choice most of the time. Sometimes they were even taken advantage of, when their employers refused to pay them for the work they’ve done. The world that they lived in was a world that I could have never imagine being in. And yet they are still optimistic about their life. The homeless guy my group talked with was cheerful and even sang bits of songs for us.

Some of the participants from my group did a short sharing session a week after the ‘Walk’ and the facilitator mentioned that they had visited these the HIV-positive/AIDS patients in the hospitals and some of these patients were actually reluctant to talk with them. It was as if they had accepted the reality that they will be shunned by society and that to me is just a sad case.

I think its really about time we start to accept these people for who they are and to welcome them into society with open arms. To show them the love and compassion they seek. Because the world could use more of it.

Will you be making a difference this lent?

… during the CSSUPM Annual Camp 2010. I talked about what I felt during the Juniors’ Day a few months ago. I remembered walking around the chapel wondering how much longer will it stand. It has been a great part of my life for the last 5 years that I was here. But recently I’ve heard that some problems might cause the chapel to be a less prominent part of my life. I wondered, was it the end? But then I heard sounds, voices of the people who were singing inside the chapel. I saw faces of people whom some I’ve just seen for the first time that day. They all have just arrived in this humble little chapel of ours. They were smiling knowing not of all that the chapel had gone through or might have to go through. And it just struck me hard and deep. We must keep holding this family away from home firm. We must continue to keep this chapel standing. We who were here for so long had learnt so much during our time in this chapel, in this family. The memories we have we will bring along with us. And I thought those who are new to this family should also have a chance to experience what we had experienced. They should have a chance to live and love in this family, to make their own treasured memories in the chapel. They should have the chance to mature as how others and I have matured throughout our stay here. It’s just pitiful and definitely unfair if they don’t have the chance to do so. We need to keep this family together. Keep on learning about LOVE and learning about God. Because Christianity is the religion of love.

Camp 332

The second thing I shared about was what I felt after the Taize prayer session while sitting behind with Nova in the dark overlooking the silhouettes of the participants. I had a great sense of  pride and happiness within me. The theme was ‘Quality time with our Lord’ and this is just what everyone is having right at that moment. And it was then that I told Nova that everything which they had done for the camp was all worth it. All the troubles, pains, and tears were nothing compared to that one moment. And I will always remember it.

What I’m trying to say here is that, sometimes the road is rough, and you are so worn out that you just can’t go on anymore. Do remember that it’s at these times when you will realize that there will be a moment which makes it all worth it. Keep looking for that moment. Just like a mother holding her newborn baby for the first time in her arms, do you think she will fret about the nine months of hardship she spent with the baby in the womb?

Camp 189

Think about it.

Will be quite packed throughout these three months. A list of things to do. Be ‘amazed’ 😛


1st Weekend: Li Hong wedding at JB (went- photos editing still on till now)

2nd Weekend: NowiSee concert in Ipoh (didn’t go) / Flow cytometer workshop in faculty (went)/ Shirley’s birthday in The Gardens KL (went).

3rd Weekend: GSC bowling tournament in Mines (went and done ^^)

4th Week + Weekend: Proteomics workshop in USM, Penang and going to wander around Penang for a few days after that, intending to take photos 🙂 (currently attending). And then attending SJ workshop at Serdang ICM centre.


1st Weekend: Going to Taiping and then to Pangkor (for holiday and photography).

2nd Week: Going to Kedah, meeting up with family, sister entering AIMST university. Might meet up Miss Agnes in Kedah (her food blog is on hiatus BTW). Scientific writing workshop in Faculty (going to miss this)

2nd Weekend: Possibly helping out bazaar (CSSUPMmers, do you need me to kacau? help?)

3rd Weekend: Scientific writing workshop. Intending to attend Bon Odori festival in Shah Alam (take photos). ICM SJ graduation day (photography and joining in the fun) and CSSUPM Junior’s day (photography and in charge of transportation)

4th Weekend: I can’t remember if I have anything on this week or weekend.

5th Week: Scientific writing workshop in faculty (attending)


1st Weekend: NowiSee KL station (photography) and supposingly ChaiTeng photoshoot (Looking forward to this)

The rest of August: Chinese opera (taking photos), and National’s Day fireworks competition (taking photos).


I need to spend some more time on my research.

Retro Rendezvous 10

CSSUPM has recently just organized it’s annual dinner on the 14th of March 2010 at the Banquet Hall of Palm Garden Hotel. The theme for the current year is ‘Retro Rendezvous’ by which dress code will be ‘retro’.

Unfortunately, Mr Cam-man (Cameraman for the day-referring to me) has no idea how looking retro should have been. I’ve imagined myself wearing a white formal shirt buttoned to the neck and with a bow tie and with cotton slacks that are pulled very very high up my waist. Also thought of combing my hair down and using lots and lots of gel to make it shiny. And perhaps top that off with a pair of big round glasses. And I’ll end up looking like a very old-minded young adult. After all that thinking though, I just decided its a lot of work and ended up just wearing what I normally wear [I found many similar minded friends at the dinner]. But regardless of that, some really went an extra mile to portray their ‘retro-ness’ [A big applause to them].

Anyway, I am one of the organizing committee being in charge of [you know it] taking photos. So it would be my first cover of a dinner even as a cameraman. And also my first real experience of using the hot-shoe flash I gotten for my Nikon.

It was also a good experience for me because all the attendees are required to pose after they had sign their name for the night [and I had the chance to attempt modeling photography with almost everyone that night]

We have poses like:

Retro Rendezvous 6

Retro Rendezvous 12

Retro Rendezvous 13

Retro Rendezvous 14

Retro Rendezvous 31

Retro Rendezvous 32

Retro Rendezvous 33

Retro Rendezvous 42

Retro Rendezvous 50

Retro Rendezvous 18

Retro Rendezvous 19

Retro Rendezvous 22

Retro Rendezvous 24

Retro Rendezvous 56

Overall the dinner was well planned out [you’ll get that impression when you go but if you’d listened to what the committee had said during the post mortem, you might beg to differ]. Food was ok [I was photographer with less food to eat T.T]. Performance was ok [Great show from Kimberly]. Games were ok [A bit long winded but fun nevertheless] and the Fashion show was ok [Go Go Go!!! Father Jo!!!]. A job well done by the committee members.

And surprisingly Dr Mary turned up for the fun as well. Thanks for coming Dr Mary.

Some photos of what’s happening on stage and off stage:

Retro Rendezvous 57

Dr Kenny giving his speech


Retro Rendezvous 64

Sensual Steffi and Stylish Lawrence.


Retro Rendezvous 65

Steffi with Mr Camera-man (Love this shot, thanks Lawrence)


Retro Rendezvous 68

Benny rocking it up for his fashion show performance.


Retro Rendezvous 69

Brandon was up on stage as well


Retro Rendezvous 77

Charming Alex


Retro Rendezvous 78

MC Kevin and President Nova!!!


Retro Rendezvous 87

Comedian Clement and Percival ‘The-Twister’ Liew on stage


Retro Rendezvous 89

Scandal alert!!!


Retro Rendezvous 112

Alert No 2!!!!


Retro Rendezvous 117

Gary showed us some more of his moves.


Retro Rendezvous 124

MC Kevin and MC Christine


Retro Rendezvous 127

The three musketeers.


Retro Rendezvous 131

Deejay S.cH bringing the house down.


Retro Rendezvous 146

President Nova.


Retro Rendezvous 109

Best dressed of the night [Devebra retained her crown]


Retro Rendezvous 122



Retro Rendezvous 111

‘I liked to thank my daddy, my mummy for this award…’ [Actually no, it was Fr Jo reciting the closing prayer]


Retro Rendezvous 115

Krystal and Alex showing their stuff on stage.


Retro Rendezvous 116

Bringing the house down!!!


Retro Rendezvous 113

The Twister showing Devebra how to twist.


Retro Rendezvous 141

Spotlight on some of the attendees that night.


Retro Rendezvous 108

Dr Kenny helping Fr Jo with his ‘do’


Retro Rendezvous 84

Alert No 3!!!


Retro Rendezvous 75

Dr Mary graced the event by handing out some of the lucky draw prizes.


Retro Rendezvous 61

CSSUPM members + Kimberly


Retro Rendezvous 86

Final year CSSUPM members with juniors on stage for the games.

I’m really looking forward to covering another even like this one. What’s next? Easter? Or CSSUPM Annual Camp?