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First off, Happy New Year to all. I haven’t been updating for a long long while partially because I was very caught up with my work and dedications.

It’s the time of the year when I look back at 2010 and noted out some of the things which clearly  made my year (either great or miserable).

1. Someone broke into by car and stole the car battery

I still have no idea how someone could open up a locked car hood and took out the battery.


2. Became an avid photographer covering certain events and functions (such as), and getting some good shots off people as well.

1. CSSUPM Annual Dinner 2010.

Had a great time with great retro dressing models.

2. Now I See Spiritual Revival Concert 2010.

I wasn’t an official photographer for the event but since anyone can basically just go up front to take photos, I just went ahead. Anyway. Shot for 2 concerts, first one was in New Era College Kajang, and the second at a University in Sunway.

3. Staged photoshoots.

Managed to ask Joanne & Leo, Fang Wen and Shirley & Ezone to model for me. I still feel that the photos are lacking a lot though. Need more practice.

4. Desmine and Melissa’s Wedding

My first ever Wedding photoshoot. And I didn’t do quite well. Hmmm. But they are a loving couple. Apparently starting a family soon ^^.

5. UPM Dogathon 2010

Once again, not an official photographer. But I reckon I got some great shots that day.

6. CSSUPM Annual Camp 2010

Camp 248

I realized I didn’t blog about this since I was on a break. Regardless I had a fun, great and emotional time at Port Dickson.

7. Chinese Opera Charity Concert

Actresses and Daniel

This was a charity event so I wasn’t paid for it (nor I was for most of the events). But still enjoy taking photos of the actors and mostly actresses on stage. Also didn’t blog about this but most of the photos can be found on my Facebook.

8. Alex and KaeChing’s Wedding.

Kae Ching and Alex

Was a guest but that didn’t keep Esme (my camera) away. They finally tie the knot after… 7-8 years?? And they will surely have many more years to look forward to.

9. CSSUPM Freshies Day.

Dance 1

Welcoming the lovely juniors to the family away from home.

10. English Language Dinner

Group 24

Was called to shoot this event. More photos on Facebook. Though I think I was paid for this. Since the dinner was free for me ^^.

11. Some random shots of people around me

Chapel Milo Party 13

Nova might kill me for this. But its a lovely very descriptive shot.

12. Macro photography.Bee 1Bee

Loving the Tamron 90mm lens I have right now.

3. Met Karen Kong during Alex and KaeChing’s wedding.

I’m a fan for hers though not so recently. But I do like some of her songs. Did managed to get a couple of photos of her.

Karen Kong on stage 3

4. Won a few tickets online for miscellaneous events.

Ticket 1

Tickets to Moto GP UK from Air Asia, which I didn’t go because it was in the UK. And they gave me the tickets 1 week before the event.


Ticket 7

NTV7 Star Live Concert 2010 tickets from which I gave to Sally.


I did won tickets to Alice in Wonderland special screening though… I misplace the photo but I gave the tickets to TJF and Wei Keat. That particular screening was pretty harsh on my wallet though cause even though I got the tickets for free… I was fined for speeding on my way back from the cinema TT.

5. Got my photo published in a magazine.

I remember I intended to get a photo out in a magazine during my 2010 resolutions which I made in 2009. And in November 2010, I got my first photo out in the Digital SLR Magazine Malaysia October 2010 issue. I submitted the photo in September and I was very disappointed when it didn’t come out in the September issue but was really shocked when I saw it in the October issue. Won a memory card as well. Hurray for me.

6. Took care of a CAT for a whole month.

Smokey 5

Smokey isn’t mine. She’s Sandy’s cat but Sandy is having her break so I offer to take care of her. And she is one timid cat. Enjoy my time scaring her all over the place. She’s going back to Sandy soon though. I might miss her. But she’s better off with Sandy since I found out that I can be quite a bully Smile with tongue out

7. Lost some weight.

I have no proof of this yet though since I haven’t weight myself for sometime. But since most of my jeans are a lot looser than they was, I guess I should have lost a few kgs. But definitely didn’t reach my target of 65kg. Perhaps somewhere within 70kg to 75kg. I’ll keep trying the coming year.

8. Cried my eyes out during the CSSUPM Annual Camp.

Camp 186 (captioned)

I did mention that it was emotional but you would never guess how emotional it was for me. Perhaps only the few who sat beside me knew what had happened. But it got me to change some parts of me though I guess. Some parts of the evil me still remain but I’ll slowly take care of that.

9. Travelled all over Malaysia.

I went to Malacca, Johor, Penang, Kedah, Pangkor, Perak and also went back Labuan for a few weeks. Didn’t managed to go outside Malaysia though like in 2009 when I went Taiwan. But AirAsia is already flying to South Korea and also New Zealand next year. These destinations are really tempting me. Maybe I will really fly to this places in 2011.


Went to AIMST university in Kedah when my sister enrolled there.


Monkey 9

Got attacked by monkeys and leeches during my trip to Pangkor. It was funny though.



Went to Malacca with CharYong to meet up with FangWen for her photoshoot.


10. And finally… Made a decision to get my doctorate by 2013.

I have to graduate by then. Seriously I have to!!! Working hard on it now. Progress this year had been better than the past years but its still a long way to go and I still can’t see the end of the road. But I’ll keep walking… And I have to go on a faster pace as well. Lets do it!!!


I hope your 2010 was as eventful as mine ^^


I met you tonight once more, after close to 2 years not seeing you at all. My first reaction when I saw you walking through that door was ‘Oh shit, you have got to be kidding me’, but there you were, standing with the rest of them. We weren’t in contact for that 2 years, except for that one time when I asked that really stupid question of you. But other than that there wasn’t any contact for close to two years and I have got to admit, seeing you once more was awkward. And I slump into my ‘please don’t notice me cause I don’t know how should I act’ program and that eventually turned into ‘oh you noticed, self denial protocol initiated, Alan will ignore you today’.

And I am not happy for it. I didn’t wanted it. But I didn’t know what to do about it.

Lost 1

~I remember this was taken on my way back from sending you home 2 years ago. Later that night you broke up with me~

But still it was nice seeing you again.

You know that tingly feeling you have within yourself when you met your ex, knowing that he/she is seeing someone else right now. I had it in abundance this night. Things didn’t work out between us last time. And things might remain how it was like tonight for a long time to come.

But in my mind, I’m really happy (I’m lying partially) to see that you have met with a better person. I’m happy to see that you have found your own happiness (Still lying partially- I just had to be honest). I hope that he can treat you as how you will wish to be treated (At least I’m telling the truth here, you should be treasured). And you also need to keep believing in your own happiness.

I never really talk about us much to anyone else. And after all this time I’ve been trying to let go of that part of you within me. Because it makes me unable to love anyone else fully. But I guess I’m wrong. Why should I let you go. What we had was special, and so it should be there, even though things didn’t work out. After all, memories shouldn’t be kept hidden. It should be cherished. That is why I’m acknowledging you here.

There is one last thing I really want to tell you though. (Don’t worry, its not another ‘ I’m the Alan~~’ post.)


~This was taken when we were at Johor for Alvin and Janice’s wedding~

Thank you, for being the one for me, even though it was short. Thank you, for keeping me company for those few months. Thank you, for teaching me about God. Thank you, for all the cares you have given. Thank you, for putting up with me when I hurt you. Thank you, for that second chance. Thank you, for teaching me how to love. Thank you, for all that you have given me.

And the final ‘Thank you’ will be.

Thank you, Nat, for loving me once, for being my first love.

~It has become a norm for me to dedicate song’s that I’ve learnt to people who matters to me. This will be your song. Its translated as ‘Thank you takes on a deeper meaning’. Original song here~

I’m quite sure you would not be seeing these ‘Thank you’ since the cowardly me decided that it is totally unnecessary for you to see it. But if you ever found out about this, then it’d be great. At least I’ve done what I wanted to do ^^.

If you’re looking for a place to eat at Midvalley, do give this place a try. It’s located on the same row as Chili’s but just further down. It offers quite authentic Italian pasta and pizza with bottomless drinks for a dirt cheap price of RM10. The taste of the cuisine might not be as good as more authentic places, such as Little Italy in KK, but it’s definitely better than some other pasta places such as Pizza Hut or Domino’s.



Watch out for this signboard the next time you are at Midvalley




The interior gives you a calm and cozy feeling. This, along with bottomless drinks, might stop you from leaving ^^



Can watch sports here also (Too bad World Cup is over)



Some of the food on the RM10 set lunch. There’s also a dinner set which cost around RM16 which includes soup and other appetizers  (can’t remember, sorry)



Calzone (simple but yet delicious, but it sort of look like an oversized curry puff)


Bolgo Spaghetti

Chicken Bolognese pasta (with a piece of garlic bread on the side)


Chicken salad

Chicken salad (looks like KFC popcorn chicken plus some vegetables)


Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza (A lot better than what’s offered by the Pizza Hut)


Menu 2

They really have a brick oven with wood fire at the back of the restaurant.


Anyway, do give it a try.

You might be wondering what I was doing there recently right?


Bride looking at photos

I met up with the bride here to give her the wedding photos. And thus, ends my first wedding assignment.

In case you didn’t catch that post, visit here.

Please make sure you are not hungry when you’re reading this or you just might get more hungry at the end of the post

I didn’t just went for the Proteomics Workshop in Penang nor did I just went to take photos at St Anne’s Church, I had a great time filling myself up with some great food as well.

This is all thanks to Olivia, JJ and Dominic.

The day after I finished the workshop, JJ took me to Seberang Perai where Olivia was staying at and our first stop was Sungai Udang (Coordinates: precisely at N05 9.050; E100 27.750)

This place is famous for its curry seafood which I had to say was great 🙂



~Curry Fish~ 


Crab ~Curry Crab~

They serve the dish with either bread or rice. Imagine dipping bread into the curry and eating it. (I’m salivating).

Quench the spiciness of the food with a bottle of cool sugarcane juice



After that we ventured to a night market nearer to the Seberang Jaya area where Olivia recommended some of the nicer food to me.



~Some type of chicken~


~Soft version of the egg rolls you normally have during CNY. I like this one~


~Sandwich with BBQ pork and meat floss in it. Damn nice~


~Finished it with this nice cool dessert~

At night, we ventured to somewhere (I really should take note of what I eat and where I eat and how much it cost)… to have a steamboat dinner. I remember it was nearby Bukit Mertajam area though.



~Steamed fish steamboat with the extras dishes we ordered~


Later, Dominic went across the road to buy some of the nicest kuih I have ever tasted. Seriously damn nice.



~The kuih~


~The family that made them…Vehicles were lining up literally to get some of these kuih~

And finally, the next morning, I had a nice tasting hor fun for breakfast in Penang. This one can really fight with the one in Perak 🙂


All in all, thanks to Olivia once more for bringing me around Penang to ‘see’ Penang through my taste buds.

Place: TGI Fridays, The Gardens Midvalley KL.

Date: 12th June 2010


TGI Friday 1

Speak no evil


TGI Friday 6

The cake


TGI Friday 8

The chilli sauce


TGI Friday 11

The grilled lamb chop


TGI Friday 15

The girls


TGI Friday 17

The girls and one guy


TGI Friday 20

The over-photoshopped-photo of a girl.


TGI Friday 31

The table at the side


TGI Friday 26

The backdrop of TGI Fridays


TGI Friday 38

The poor little birthday girl who had to come by KTM because her bf is a bit busy on that day. (Next time tell us earlier so we can go fetch)


TGI Friday 41

The challenge: Blow it!!! Blow it!!!


TGI Friday 45

The crazy look. @.@


TGI Friday 47

The celebration (I like his hat)


TGI Friday 51

The slice of cake


TGI Friday 54

My Ferrari