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What would you do if you are to host a party within 24 hours?


Perhaps a few important things will be

1) Loads of food

What type of a party would not be complete without food yeah? Be it snacks such as potato chips or tasty BBQ chicken… You’ll always need food at the party!!! Remember though to get sufficient food. Nothing is worst in a party than a bunch of hungry mob chasing you down for their fair share of food. And noone will enjoy having to get extra food from the outside after a party. PARTY=FOOD. You can never call it a party without food. PERIOD!!!

2) Loads of music/entertainment

Now the funny thing with a lot of people is that they rarely can have a meal/snacks without having something else to do. They will be talking to someone while eating, watching someone else about their things at a distance, fiddling about with their fork or spoon, watching the TV and eventually repeat the cycle all over again. Now as the host, you need to provide the proper thing to keep them occupied while their eating, be it someone else to talk with, some loud music, some belly dancers… anything which will keep them entertained throughout the party. You wouldn’t want your guest to be yawning at your party (aside from the yawns you get after partying for hours).

3) Loads of people

You have the food… You have the entertainment… And you noticed something is missing… Where is everyone? Take important note to invite all whom you could invite to the party (relevance is a point of consideration as well). Nothing stinks at a party more than the lack of people where 30 minutes into the party, you’ll be noticing that you had finished talking to everyone. And deciding whether you want to go through a 2nd round of talking or just call it a night. It wouldn’t hurt to have hot hunks and babes as these are crowd attractions.

Simple right?

*The writer of this post holds no responsibility if your party didn’t go how you would expect it to go*



If you’re looking for a place to eat at Midvalley, do give this place a try. It’s located on the same row as Chili’s but just further down. It offers quite authentic Italian pasta and pizza with bottomless drinks for a dirt cheap price of RM10. The taste of the cuisine might not be as good as more authentic places, such as Little Italy in KK, but it’s definitely better than some other pasta places such as Pizza Hut or Domino’s.



Watch out for this signboard the next time you are at Midvalley




The interior gives you a calm and cozy feeling. This, along with bottomless drinks, might stop you from leaving ^^



Can watch sports here also (Too bad World Cup is over)



Some of the food on the RM10 set lunch. There’s also a dinner set which cost around RM16 which includes soup and other appetizers  (can’t remember, sorry)



Calzone (simple but yet delicious, but it sort of look like an oversized curry puff)


Bolgo Spaghetti

Chicken Bolognese pasta (with a piece of garlic bread on the side)


Chicken salad

Chicken salad (looks like KFC popcorn chicken plus some vegetables)


Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza (A lot better than what’s offered by the Pizza Hut)


Menu 2

They really have a brick oven with wood fire at the back of the restaurant.


Anyway, do give it a try.

You might be wondering what I was doing there recently right?


Bride looking at photos

I met up with the bride here to give her the wedding photos. And thus, ends my first wedding assignment.

In case you didn’t catch that post, visit here.

Please make sure you are not hungry when you’re reading this or you just might get more hungry at the end of the post

I didn’t just went for the Proteomics Workshop in Penang nor did I just went to take photos at St Anne’s Church, I had a great time filling myself up with some great food as well.

This is all thanks to Olivia, JJ and Dominic.

The day after I finished the workshop, JJ took me to Seberang Perai where Olivia was staying at and our first stop was Sungai Udang (Coordinates: precisely at N05 9.050; E100 27.750)

This place is famous for its curry seafood which I had to say was great 🙂



~Curry Fish~ 


Crab ~Curry Crab~

They serve the dish with either bread or rice. Imagine dipping bread into the curry and eating it. (I’m salivating).

Quench the spiciness of the food with a bottle of cool sugarcane juice



After that we ventured to a night market nearer to the Seberang Jaya area where Olivia recommended some of the nicer food to me.



~Some type of chicken~


~Soft version of the egg rolls you normally have during CNY. I like this one~


~Sandwich with BBQ pork and meat floss in it. Damn nice~


~Finished it with this nice cool dessert~

At night, we ventured to somewhere (I really should take note of what I eat and where I eat and how much it cost)… to have a steamboat dinner. I remember it was nearby Bukit Mertajam area though.



~Steamed fish steamboat with the extras dishes we ordered~


Later, Dominic went across the road to buy some of the nicest kuih I have ever tasted. Seriously damn nice.



~The kuih~


~The family that made them…Vehicles were lining up literally to get some of these kuih~

And finally, the next morning, I had a nice tasting hor fun for breakfast in Penang. This one can really fight with the one in Perak 🙂


All in all, thanks to Olivia once more for bringing me around Penang to ‘see’ Penang through my taste buds.

We went to this place called Ye Lin seafood garden which sit pretty much within walking distance (around 1km) of Vikri Chalets. Ye Lin, is apparently one of the best seafood restaurant in Pangkor and I really agree with that statement. I had one of my best seafood experience in Ye Lin. I would really recommend this place to everyone whose visiting Pangkor.

*Apparently the whole dish cost around RM125 for 5 people, which considering what we ate was well worth it*




~Soft shell crabs~

Cuttlefish floured

~Floured cuttlefish~


~Laksa steamed fish~

Clay fish

~Cray fish~

Managed to grab a bit here with Janice (although it would seem like she’s the one craving for it) and a few friends during my stay at Johor while covering Li Hong’s wedding (Photos might be up soon)

I’ve heard quite a lot from Janice about this Japanese Restaurant and it will be a pity not to give it a try while I was there.

Food’s a bit on the expensive side but since we did have quite a good lunch, we didn’t really order much to eat.

*Photos are taken by me and Janice. Since we were both snapping away at the food, I’m not really sure which one is taken by me and which one by her. So even though I watermarked it, credits go to her as well*

Sushi 1

This is Seafood Nasu. An assortment of seafood in an eggplant (RM 18)


Sushi 2 This should be the Sal Mentai Yaki (RM 14)


Sushi 3

Soft shell crab tempura (RM 12)


Sushi 4

Sake haru maki (RM 18)


Sushi 5

Unagi Ura Maki (RM 15)

I hope I didn’t get the menu wrong. It was sometime ago when I ate it. All in all, definitely one of the best Japanese food I had so far. Well worth a second visit.