I used to have a bad phobia towards dentists. I think it all started when I was 10 years old. I remember fainting after a particular treatment in the dental clinic and that was when I started developing the phobia. Those who know me will agree that I might have some of the worst teeth even, not to mention bad oral hygiene. (It’s interesting how my profile photo shows me covering my mouth as well)

Well anyway, the situation with some of my teeth were so bad that I had to undergo certain treatment (ie: Root Canal treatment ~RCT) and I’ve just started my first treatment yesterday. Prior to yesterday’s visit, I was worried and outright scared of what might transpire during the treatment as I have read all sorts of post which are similar to ‘OMGWTF!!! PAIN!!! I CAN’T SLEEP!!! PLS KILL ME!!!’ on the web but yesterday’s treatment was an entirely different experience for me.

So essentially in RCT, the dentist will have to remove and clean most of the area in the infected tooth till the point of cleaning the root canal, and it involves really getting into the root of the tooth. The dentist I was seeing gave me some anesthetic shots which were really quite nicely placed to numb most of the pain. In fact I wasn’t really experiencing any pain throughout the whole time I was there. Sure there were certain uncomfortable moments (ie: Me trying to not choke on my own saliva) but that was all the uncomfortable I had.

Now the problem with my tooth was that it’s rotten to the core (It’s essentially dead) and when the filling was removed, it was quite foul smelling. But the dentist and the nurse kept working. That was when I really started to admire their work. I can’t be the only patient whom they had to cope with in their line of work but still they bear with me and did their best in fixing my tooth.

My dentist was great BTW. She put the well being of the patient in front of everything else and was quite gently (ie: to ask every now and again if I felt uncomfortable and pain during the treatment). And for the whole 90 minutes, I felt at ease.

I’ll have to continue with the follow up treatment this coming week and I hope it can be the same experience as my previous one. I seriously hope it’s not something like a one-time-at-ease-experience only.

Hoping for the best