I’m quite sure that there will be a lot of conflicting opinions and ideas on this topic. However whatever I’m going to type here are solely my opinions so please respect them.

First off, I believe that life is sacred, even though most of us don’t appreciate it. We’re alive each and every day for a reason and any purpose to end our life or any other’s life is totally wrong. Even when you might think that you’re being merciful.

Secondly, I do believe that none of us hold authority over another person’s life, even if that person is on the brink of death or is in pain. There’s a reason why death comes if by age naturally, if by illness, mostly because that person didn’t treasure the sacredness of life, or by accidents, by which is just fate. Any act of ending a person life without consent is no different from murder.

Lastly even if it’s with consent, it’s no different from acknowledging that suicide is ‘ok’.

I wouldn’t want to touch too much on this topic because its a fiercely debated topic… But I’m with euthanasia being unethical and unjustifiable