*Someone gave me a couple of topics to write upon and I chose this out of a list of other interesting topics… mainly because I’m at the age where all the people I know either had tied the knot or will soon to do so in the near future.*

I had a couple of friends who tied the knot in 2010. And I’ll most probably have another couple of friends doing so this year. I was asked… not once but twice about my relationship status (which is still very much ‘SINGLE’ btw) by my aunts and uncles while I was back in my hometown for Chinese New Year. The prospect of getting into a relationship, to go ‘steady’ for a couple of years and later propose had been something which had been playing around in my head for the past year or so…

As a Malaysian ‘Chinese’, I will think that my wedding will definitely be following a standard protocol.

It ‘might’ start off with me visiting the girl’s house with some of my ‘brothers’.

And we’ll be stopped by the girl’s ‘sisters’

And forced to do all sorts of things (which most probably involve something you’ll see in the eating games of Fear Factor)

Except I won’t be getting the prize money. Instead I’ll be getting  life-long love, perhaps? (AMEN)

Next when I finally pass the Fear Factor challenge, there will be a lot of kissing and photography involve.

At this point I’ll most probably be wishing I was the one taking the photos ^^

After that we will go to the tea ceremony which duration of time is proportional to the amount of relatives you have. And for my case it should be pretty LONG.

Finally we should be heading to the church (I guess either before everything begins or at this time). And there will be the wedding mass. And lovely flower girls. And perhaps some finger foods after that.

After this, the photographers will most probably want to take more shots of us (And once more I hope to be jumping in with the photographers as well).

And then fast-forward to the night, where there’s gonna be a dinner reception. (By which the dinner hall will be determined by how rich/well-known/capable the family is *SHUDDERS*)

And I’ll meet with A LOT of people I never knew existed. (Who’s that again?! That’s the daughter of your uncle’s wife second sister. @.@)

I’ll spend time shaking hands with a lot of people whom some I’ll most probably won’t be seeing after that.

And then, there will be performances, perhaps a few singers if I know them.

A belly dancer or two?

And we go on stage, cut the cake, pour the wine, give a toast, give a speech, kiss and thank everyone.

And finally perhaps, some rest and relaxation at the end of day.





But that won’t be my idea wedding if I can help it.

I’ll still follow the Chinese traditions of serving tea and so on… I definitely would like to have the exchange of vows as well. Perhaps overlooking the beach or something ^^ or at some small lovely chapel somewhere, attended by close relatives and loved ones. Yeah, note that I said by close relatives and loved ones.



I always think of wedding as an occasion to celebrate the togetherness of two persons. But the trend of wedding nowadays have gotten very extreme. The Chinese way, being big dinners, performances, and a lot of ‘strangers’ who are really friends on your dad and mums and in-laws. However, thats not what I envision a wedding is suppose to be.

All I really want will be a memorable occasion, made memorable by those whom I hold close to me, and not by the people whom I barely know or the amount of people attended. And yeah, you might argue its a once in a lifetime occasion, but I would like to think of it as walking down the aisle daily, with the one I love. It’s not once in a lifetime but rather every day of your life. And its not the wedding day that is important but rather the days and years after it.

I have intended to write a lot more when I was first asked the question. But right now, I really do think that one word sums up what my ideal wedding will be: SIMPLE.

Of course, my turn at marriage will still be a long way. ^^.  And since we’re on this topic, here’s a lovely song about it.