I came across this situation while waiting in the airport for my flight back home. I was sitting on this bench in front of Old Town Kopitiam in LCCT when this young gentleman (we’ll call him A) from China approached the guy sitting next to me (lets call him B). A asked B if he could borrow his handphone to him to call his friend since he couldn’t find his friend. B was reluctant (how many of us aren’t?).  A moved away and came back a while later to ask where he could find a payphone for him to contact his friend. B referred A to the payphones. And after making the call A returned to chit chat with B and they talked as if they were good friends.

Now the point of the matter is that, how many of us were taught by others not to be gullible, especially when it comes to lending people our items or money. We all have our doubts on others, as in this case, will A run away with my phone or make an expensive phone call back home. We are taught not to talk with strangers since we don’t know them. But the above story is a story about how mistrust would have (it didn’t) ruin a chance for friendship. When you think about it, it neither A or B fault. A was just being himself and B was just practicing what he was taught. What’s at fault here is the culture we live in. We live in a culture of distrust and trickery. More often than not, our almsgiving of help to others might be the result of others tricking us into almsgiving. And this breeds distrust among human beings. And from distrust, stereotyping and even (eventually perhaps) hate is born.

But can you imagine how beautiful the world would be if there are no doubts or distrust among human beings, where there are no preying on others for personal gains. Can you imagine how perfect that world would be?

The bulk of problems which plague humans nowadays are caused by human themselves which is why I agree wholeheartedly with a quote which I heard on TED recently.

‘If all the insects on earth disappeared, all life on earth would disappear in 50 years. If all humans disappeared, life on Earth will flourish.’ -  Jonas Salk

What’s wrong with everything you ask? We are what’s wrong with everything.