I’ve started using Photoshop Elements 7.0 a few months back and I found that it really helps towards improving a poorly taken photo.

I have no sense of creativity especially when I’m out in the field taking photographs. And I felt most of my photos lack something in the end. So proper post-processing is essential for me to make the photo ‘right’.

Sometimes I get a poorly composed photo, badly lit and have a bad colour cast but all this can be fixed in post-processing. I take photos in RAW mode so that it gives me a wider choice of selection when doing the editing.

I’ll give you an example.

During the recent Dogathon at UPM (I have more photos pending for a new blogpost so do look out for it), I’ve taken quite a number of photos. One of the photo look like this unedited.

Shih Tzu

There are pros and cons to this photo.

I love the sharpness of the photo. I love the eye contact the dog gave. It was taken at 200mm so hoping for eye contact at that range is not easy and I got it here. I love the bokeh (blurring out of the background) as well.

The bad parts will be the legs. The big legs which covered the Shih Tzu’s butt is hurting the photo horribly. Not to mention there’s another 2 pairs of legs in the background. There is also a bit too much green grass area which are not needed. This shot was taken sometimes at 8am on a cloudy morning with my colour balance set to AUTO, making it have a bluish cast towards it. The photo definitely can be improved with some editing and cropping.

I bump up the warmth of the photo. And did some cropping to it and got this in the end.

Shih TzuIt’s quite amazing how photo editing can improve your photo nowadays. And so I would recommend to all photo enthusiasts to spend some time to learn how to edit your photos and do some editing. You’ll be amazed.