I have to let myself settle down first before typing out this post. Because what I’m about to share really got me ‘emo’. Will be trying my best to share with you what I’m experiencing right now.

I wonder if you had come across this video clip on Youtube or on Facebook. Do have a look at it.

I’m not really good in Mandarin so I might not understand the whole story but I reckon I know enough to know what’s happening.

Anyway. I’m touched by her courage and her life-story. Even her outlook on life is touching. Life treats her unfairly, but she still managed to look on the brighter side of life. She believes she will have happiness. I wonder how many of us actually believes we will find true happiness, from the bottom of our hearts. We often give up and feel undetermined by the tiniest things, but this ‘young-looking’ girl reminds us that there are a lot more things in life to feel grateful for. To keep on looking forward with your head held high no matter what befalls us.

Thank you for teaching me something about life today.