I have experienced something two days ago that I thought I really should share with you here. Before I get into the real incident, let me first and foremost clarify what I intended to do on that day. I woke up with most of my day plans set which includes, going early to lab to run test and while test is running, attend the workshop and keep on repeating this until 5pm. After that I would go home, buy food for MSG gathering which will be at chapel at night. After the gathering, it would have been sending the people back and later go back and sleep. Another thing which I should reveal is that my laptop broke down last Saturday (repairs being no longer an option). I went through the morning following this plan but at noon, Victoria sms’ed me to tell me that the gathering at night has been cancelled. And I changed my plans to go buy the laptop that night instead rather than the following night.

After that at 4pm, Christy called me to ask if I’m free for movie after 6pm, but I couldn’t find a suitable time for the movie and hence I ended up asking her if she would want to follow me to get the laptop and she agreed. Just moments before going out to fetch her, I had the idea of coming back to lab after I got the laptop to install some software. I was mainly sitting on the fence at first but ultimately decided to return, so I left my bag in the lab.

I left the lab at around 7pm, picked Christy up, had dinner, gotten a laptop and sent her back. By the time I arrived back in lab it was 10pm. Installed the software and finished my work. I was doing the installation in a small computer room in the lab. Before leaving for the night, I decided to do a sweep check of the equipments in the lab, making sure everything was fine and since I didn’t expect anything to be wrong, I did the check in the dark, with only the corridor lights from the outside illuminating the lab. After I checked that the back door was locked, I proceeded to exit through the front door, but before I exit, I remembered a hot plate which sit on the last bench in the lab and decided to take a look at it. I saw a dim light on the machine that I haven’t seen before and proceed to touch the surface. And was scalded. Someone left the hotplate on at 100 degrees Celsius.

After a while it dawned on me how close I was to missing out on that machine. I realized that the chains of events which lead me to discovering that the machine was on. I was there because I wanted to install the software which I could have done on the next day. Also IF I didn’t gotten the laptop that night I wouldn’t be installing anything as well. And I got the laptop cause the gathering was cancelled and the movie didn’t work out. And I wasn’t suppose to buy the laptop that night in the first place.

I realized that it certainly wasn’t a coincidence that all these things happen at that one time. It’s God blessing who prevented the possible fire in the lab. My advice to you will be that, in case you are wondering why the unfortunate things keep on happening to you, perhaps you might want to think that it’s all part of a grand design which ultimately benefits you. God works in wonder. It is only up to you if you can realize it or not.