Please make sure you are not hungry when you’re reading this or you just might get more hungry at the end of the post

I didn’t just went for the Proteomics Workshop in Penang nor did I just went to take photos at St Anne’s Church, I had a great time filling myself up with some great food as well.

This is all thanks to Olivia, JJ and Dominic.

The day after I finished the workshop, JJ took me to Seberang Perai where Olivia was staying at and our first stop was Sungai Udang (Coordinates: precisely at N05 9.050; E100 27.750)

This place is famous for its curry seafood which I had to say was great 🙂



~Curry Fish~ 


Crab ~Curry Crab~

They serve the dish with either bread or rice. Imagine dipping bread into the curry and eating it. (I’m salivating).

Quench the spiciness of the food with a bottle of cool sugarcane juice



After that we ventured to a night market nearer to the Seberang Jaya area where Olivia recommended some of the nicer food to me.



~Some type of chicken~


~Soft version of the egg rolls you normally have during CNY. I like this one~


~Sandwich with BBQ pork and meat floss in it. Damn nice~


~Finished it with this nice cool dessert~

At night, we ventured to somewhere (I really should take note of what I eat and where I eat and how much it cost)… to have a steamboat dinner. I remember it was nearby Bukit Mertajam area though.



~Steamed fish steamboat with the extras dishes we ordered~


Later, Dominic went across the road to buy some of the nicest kuih I have ever tasted. Seriously damn nice.



~The kuih~


~The family that made them…Vehicles were lining up literally to get some of these kuih~

And finally, the next morning, I had a nice tasting hor fun for breakfast in Penang. This one can really fight with the one in Perak 🙂


All in all, thanks to Olivia once more for bringing me around Penang to ‘see’ Penang through my taste buds.