Managed to grab a bit here with Janice (although it would seem like she’s the one craving for it) and a few friends during my stay at Johor while covering Li Hong’s wedding (Photos might be up soon)

I’ve heard quite a lot from Janice about this Japanese Restaurant and it will be a pity not to give it a try while I was there.

Food’s a bit on the expensive side but since we did have quite a good lunch, we didn’t really order much to eat.

*Photos are taken by me and Janice. Since we were both snapping away at the food, I’m not really sure which one is taken by me and which one by her. So even though I watermarked it, credits go to her as well*

Sushi 1

This is Seafood Nasu. An assortment of seafood in an eggplant (RM 18)


Sushi 2 This should be the Sal Mentai Yaki (RM 14)


Sushi 3

Soft shell crab tempura (RM 12)


Sushi 4

Sake haru maki (RM 18)


Sushi 5

Unagi Ura Maki (RM 15)

I hope I didn’t get the menu wrong. It was sometime ago when I ate it. All in all, definitely one of the best Japanese food I had so far. Well worth a second visit.