Delayed post. Post was written on the 4th of June 20104.17pm


I was observing this young mother while waiting for Lei Hong and her sister to finish shopping at Skudai Parade. She was lining up to buy some pearl tea in front of the Econsave here. Despite being a mummy she looked pretty and fragile. Her husband and daughter, I presume,was standing outside the store waiting for the girl to finish buying her pearl tea. She was lining up waiting for her turn when three teenage boys suddenly cut into the line in front of her. She seemed a bit annoyed but determined to buy the drink and so she waited patiently. Even her husband moved to her and said to stop waiting and both of them moved away after a little while. What surprised me was that the mummy returned a while later and continue to line up. Her husband was not with her but I saw him observing her from a distance. She finally got the drink and moved away and her husband follow suit.

In the mere 5 minutes or so that this happen I was feeling a mixture of emotion from disgust for the teenage boy attitudes to admiration of the determination and patience of the young mother. And the loving glance of her husband watching over her.

Perhaps the teenage boys may have gotten the pearl tea but the young mummy was obviously blessed with perhaps what the boys didn’t even realize. She has the attitude which will draw the admiration of many and most of all the love from her loving family.

And as the little beautiful daughter watch her mother throughout this short story of the pearl tea, perhaps she will one day realize of the love and determination her mother has.