Will be quite packed throughout these three months. A list of things to do. Be ‘amazed’ 😛


1st Weekend: Li Hong wedding at JB (went- photos editing still on till now)

2nd Weekend: NowiSee concert in Ipoh (didn’t go) / Flow cytometer workshop in faculty (went)/ Shirley’s birthday in The Gardens KL (went).

3rd Weekend: GSC bowling tournament in Mines (went and done ^^)

4th Week + Weekend: Proteomics workshop in USM, Penang and going to wander around Penang for a few days after that, intending to take photos 🙂 (currently attending). And then attending SJ workshop at Serdang ICM centre.


1st Weekend: Going to Taiping and then to Pangkor (for holiday and photography).

2nd Week: Going to Kedah, meeting up with family, sister entering AIMST university. Might meet up Miss Agnes in Kedah (her food blog is on hiatus BTW). Scientific writing workshop in Faculty (going to miss this)

2nd Weekend: Possibly helping out bazaar (CSSUPMmers, do you need me to kacau? help?)

3rd Weekend: Scientific writing workshop. Intending to attend Bon Odori festival in Shah Alam (take photos). ICM SJ graduation day (photography and joining in the fun) and CSSUPM Junior’s day (photography and in charge of transportation)

4th Weekend: I can’t remember if I have anything on this week or weekend.

5th Week: Scientific writing workshop in faculty (attending)


1st Weekend: NowiSee KL station (photography) and supposingly ChaiTeng photoshoot (Looking forward to this)

The rest of August: Chinese opera (taking photos), and National’s Day fireworks competition (taking photos).


I need to spend some more time on my research.