Went for a simple trip to Malacca last weekend, purpose was to have a simple break and to take some photos. Managed to talk a friend of mine to model for me and also to provide transportation and accommodation for me and another friend during the 2 nights we were there.

All in all it was a short trip with loads of nice food and loads of photos. But the recovery rate (amount of acceptable photos over total photos taken) for my photography skills are still low (around a 20% I guess)

Here’s some of the photos of the historical sites that we’ve visited. Its funny that during my past 2 trips to Malacca back in 2008 and early 2010 (not blogged), I didnt really visited these sites before.


Someone sort of spoilt the photo here. Oh well. (HDR attempts btw). This is a photo of the A Famosa fort.



The Christ Church Square in Malacca (HDR)



Inside the old church above the hill (HDR)




A few more photos of the cannons on display. I tend to take too much shots of a single subject while doing a HDR.



The Christ Church building



Attempted to do a 9-stop ND filter long exposure shot but it sort of failed. I need more chance to use it. We went quite far from the town for the beach.



The red clock tower (HDR)



A big tree behind the A Famosa fort (HDR)




Trishaws. These trishaws are mounted with loud speakers which plays disco music (of all music) which sort of spoils the mood of touring the historical site. It is also sort of funny when you hear ‘Boom boom pow’ while a trishaw goes by.



Water fountain in the Christ Church square (HDR)

Will upload some of the model shoot photos soon.