There are a few things which I really do love. These things are simple things that the mere presence of something related to it can just bring me to tears because I really do like them.

And one of these ‘things’ was something I grown up with. It’s Final Fantasy. One thing in particular brings me back to my teenage days when I was totally engrossed in the game was its music. Beautifully crafted music by Nobuo Uematsu. And one of the best game I ever played was Final Fantasy VII



I remembered walking a distance to a friend’s house to watch him play the game (And to have some hands-on). I remember trying to get the game online (very slowly) and had the game torrent stuck at 99.8% and in the end it didn’t finished btw (Oh I stress that my days of downloading games are over).

And I remember spending whatever savings I had on the music CDs.

The music were just amazing, spectacular (Hats off the Nobou Uematsu – His music is always the best).

A while back I did blog a review about Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core which also had great remade version of FFVII music. And some time back as well, I found some videos on the Tour de Japon orchestra which plays all sort of music from the Final Fantasy series. And some brought me to tears.

Here are three which really got me:

Aerith’s theme, calming and beautiful.


The main theme from FFVII, both peaceful and distressing.


And finally, my favorite (Its from the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)

This piece is called ‘Cloud Smiles’. This keeps reminding me that amidst all the pain and strife that I have gone through, there will always be a bright and happy ending to look forward to (Even the conductor was smiling in the end, this is one of the last song the conductor did before Nobou came out to conduct).

Do not miss out on the last one. It is really the best.

And perhaps, today, I have found out more about what love is.