Or should say Alan ‘was’ in a relationship.

At least for one hour or so.

I changed something in my Facebook account. From ‘single’ to


Well since people might notice that it’s a particular ‘day’ and I changed the relationship status, we need something to further strengthen that ‘changed relationship status’. So I left this comment to myself.


In the end, I gotten a lot of comments. Some congratulating me, some being super curious. [And some definitely super angry and pissed off after this]

Changed relationship

For the congratulations, thanks a lot for being happy for me, although it was just a one day relationship, I’m happy to know that they are a lot of people who are happy for me as well.

For the super curious, sorry for playing around with your curiosity. Alan most probably won’t be able to find a girlfriend any time soon for quite obvious [and perhaps quite unobvious reasons].

For the super angry and super pissed, I’m very sorry. But since it’s April Fools, I hope you don’t mind. Hmmm I’ll let you all be the first to know if I really do managed to get into a relationship after this 🙂

So come 2nd of April 2010, I’ll be back to ‘single’

[Actually I feel so bad that, I’d changed my status back to ‘single’ after one hour]

[Dear Michelle, I’m so sorry to disappoint you. I heard that you were really happy after reading that status update.So sorry. I’ll definitely tell you first if I gotten into a relationship]

[Dear YeeWuen, sorry for cheating you. Thanks for being a good junior. I didn’t expected that message from you]

[Dear Miss Mermaid, are you still curious?]

Here’s a few of the kepo (translated- people who wants to know about other people’s stuff) messages:






And eventually, someone from my MSN decided to follow in suit



It’s contagious, this joke~~

Anyway. Happy April Fools.

And as JJ and Ian (from Hitz.fm morning crew) would say: GOTCHAAAAA!!!