Retro Rendezvous 10

CSSUPM has recently just organized it’s annual dinner on the 14th of March 2010 at the Banquet Hall of Palm Garden Hotel. The theme for the current year is ‘Retro Rendezvous’ by which dress code will be ‘retro’.

Unfortunately, Mr Cam-man (Cameraman for the day-referring to me) has no idea how looking retro should have been. I’ve imagined myself wearing a white formal shirt buttoned to the neck and with a bow tie and with cotton slacks that are pulled very very high up my waist. Also thought of combing my hair down and using lots and lots of gel to make it shiny. And perhaps top that off with a pair of big round glasses. And I’ll end up looking like a very old-minded young adult. After all that thinking though, I just decided its a lot of work and ended up just wearing what I normally wear [I found many similar minded friends at the dinner]. But regardless of that, some really went an extra mile to portray their ‘retro-ness’ [A big applause to them].

Anyway, I am one of the organizing committee being in charge of [you know it] taking photos. So it would be my first cover of a dinner even as a cameraman. And also my first real experience of using the hot-shoe flash I gotten for my Nikon.

It was also a good experience for me because all the attendees are required to pose after they had sign their name for the night [and I had the chance to attempt modeling photography with almost everyone that night]

We have poses like:

Retro Rendezvous 6

Retro Rendezvous 12

Retro Rendezvous 13

Retro Rendezvous 14

Retro Rendezvous 31

Retro Rendezvous 32

Retro Rendezvous 33

Retro Rendezvous 42

Retro Rendezvous 50

Retro Rendezvous 18

Retro Rendezvous 19

Retro Rendezvous 22

Retro Rendezvous 24

Retro Rendezvous 56

Overall the dinner was well planned out [you’ll get that impression when you go but if you’d listened to what the committee had said during the post mortem, you might beg to differ]. Food was ok [I was photographer with less food to eat T.T]. Performance was ok [Great show from Kimberly]. Games were ok [A bit long winded but fun nevertheless] and the Fashion show was ok [Go Go Go!!! Father Jo!!!]. A job well done by the committee members.

And surprisingly Dr Mary turned up for the fun as well. Thanks for coming Dr Mary.

Some photos of what’s happening on stage and off stage:

Retro Rendezvous 57

Dr Kenny giving his speech


Retro Rendezvous 64

Sensual Steffi and Stylish Lawrence.


Retro Rendezvous 65

Steffi with Mr Camera-man (Love this shot, thanks Lawrence)


Retro Rendezvous 68

Benny rocking it up for his fashion show performance.


Retro Rendezvous 69

Brandon was up on stage as well


Retro Rendezvous 77

Charming Alex


Retro Rendezvous 78

MC Kevin and President Nova!!!


Retro Rendezvous 87

Comedian Clement and Percival ‘The-Twister’ Liew on stage


Retro Rendezvous 89

Scandal alert!!!


Retro Rendezvous 112

Alert No 2!!!!


Retro Rendezvous 117

Gary showed us some more of his moves.


Retro Rendezvous 124

MC Kevin and MC Christine


Retro Rendezvous 127

The three musketeers.


Retro Rendezvous 131

Deejay S.cH bringing the house down.


Retro Rendezvous 146

President Nova.


Retro Rendezvous 109

Best dressed of the night [Devebra retained her crown]


Retro Rendezvous 122



Retro Rendezvous 111

‘I liked to thank my daddy, my mummy for this award…’ [Actually no, it was Fr Jo reciting the closing prayer]


Retro Rendezvous 115

Krystal and Alex showing their stuff on stage.


Retro Rendezvous 116

Bringing the house down!!!


Retro Rendezvous 113

The Twister showing Devebra how to twist.


Retro Rendezvous 141

Spotlight on some of the attendees that night.


Retro Rendezvous 108

Dr Kenny helping Fr Jo with his ‘do’


Retro Rendezvous 84

Alert No 3!!!


Retro Rendezvous 75

Dr Mary graced the event by handing out some of the lucky draw prizes.


Retro Rendezvous 61

CSSUPM members + Kimberly


Retro Rendezvous 86

Final year CSSUPM members with juniors on stage for the games.

I’m really looking forward to covering another even like this one. What’s next? Easter? Or CSSUPM Annual Camp?