A friend of mine [JulianaOoi] asked me this question a few weeks back. The conversation went something like this?

Ju: Will you still love the person [you’re loving] if the circumstances was different?

Alan: How different do you mean?

Ju: How about if the girl has a terminal illness and only have a few months left. Will you still love her, cherish her and will you still be with her if you found out about this?

Alan: [deep in thoughts]

Ju: Then, how about if the girl have AIDS. Will you still love her the way you do now? Will you still be determined to be with her for the rest of whatever days you both may have together?

Alan: [again deep in thoughts]

Honestly the question caught me unprepared.

Perhaps most of us will argue that things like that don’t happen most of the time, but it still may happen. And if it does, what would you do about it?

I remembered what I had answered to Ju that night. And perhaps given the current state of things, I’ll keep what I answered Ju to myself.

But what I will like to know is that, what will you do?


Will you keep holding on?