I had the chance to visit Kin no Uma Japanese restaurant in the Palace of the Golden Horses a while back. Went to savor their Japanese Buffet which starts off at 6.30pm till 10.30pm on Saturdays at a price of RM65 [every once in a while I do this and end up eating bread for the next few days].

Those who know me will know that I have a super ‘fetish’ for salmons. And my eyes just popped out of the sockets when I saw this


Sushi Palace 4

A whole freaking tray of raw salmons, oysters and other raw fish. I’m in heaven.


I wasted no time savoring the salmon and thinking about it now just makes me drool.

Sushi Palace 1

Had a lot of salmon, maguro and one oyster [Oyster are definitely not my cup to tea]


Anyway, besides the [all-you-can-eat-salmon], there are also other delicacies such as Japanese Udon, Teriyaki Chicken, Chawamushi, Fried Garlic Rice, Unagi, Seasoned Octopus etc. [all you can eat]


Sushi Palace 2

Sushi Palace 8


There are even some BBQed fish on a stick [salmon once more] and some grilled salmons. Salmon all the way.

Sushi Palace 5


But for those feeling a bit sick of all the salmons by now, I would recommend strongly that you try the cooked saba mackerel. The meat was just amazing, so amazing that it melts in your mouth. I had two servings of the saba mackerel that night.

For dessert, there was ice cream [Green tea, Mint, Yam, Corn etc]. The Green Tea ice cream tasted great according to most of us who went for the buffet, having abundant green tea taste without tasting too powdery.


Sushi Palace 7


There was also a humble selection of cakes [3 types to be precise] but Palace of the Golden Horses was always famous for their cakes and they haven’t let me down now. There was a chocolate mousse cake [if memory serves me correctly], a hazelnut chocolate cake and a durian-corn cheese cake [pardon me if I’m wrong about the cheese part] but all three cakes tasted heavenly. The hazelnut chocolate cake had crushed hazelnuts in it and it was just simply irresistible.  


Sushi Palace 9


We who ate there thought that the durian-corn cake was really underrated. The other two cakes was quite rapidly finish by other customers but noone seemed to have touched the durian-corn cake [perhaps it was due to the green-yellow color of the cake]. Anyway do give it a try, and if you are a Malaysian, I’m quite sure you will love it.

Setting wise, the place really have an antique feel to it. Some of the rooms can be booked for larger groups of people.

Sushi Palace 3


All in all, the only thing to improve regarding the place should be the air conditioning. Things can get a bit heated up when there are many people around.

Do give the Japanese Buffet a try. There’s a cheaper promotion out this month for the lunch buffet which is at RM38++ [But I’m not really sure if its a full buffet or if certain things on the menu are excluded]. Will go on a 2nd trip for the lunch buffet to find out.




Note: Some other photos of the hotel. [Its really an exquisite place].

Sushi Palace 11 

Ornaments on display

Sushi Palace 12 

Settings in front of one of the lift.


Sushi Palace 14

The ‘coffee house’

Sushi Palace 15

The entrance to Carousel Cafe.


Sushi Palace 13

A miniature model of the hotel.