CNY dinner2

I went for the Biomedical CNY dinner 2010 at Moon Palace Restaurant, Mines. I’ve been going every year now and I still do need to find reason to justify myself for going to the dinner [mainly, I’m bored at home] 😛

Anyway, since it’s a while ago, I’ll just sum up what happen that night.

A night of ‘okay-okay’ food, with nice pretty girls, and some entertaining performances.

Some photos:

CNY dinner4

I have no idea what he is doing with the teddy bear, nor do I know why the teddy bear was even there.

CNY dinner1

The only Chinese guy for 1st year- Jfook – and Samantha.

CNY dinner3

Three of the 2nd years who arrived early in the restaurant.

CNY dinner5

Sally, photographer enthusiast.

CNY dinner7

Leng lui, Samantha, and Junior, Elaine.

CNY dinner8

Buddy family, with Michelle and Irene.

CNY dinner9

Samantha being ‘emo’

CNY dinner10

Hui Kee, 1st Year Junior, Michelle.

CNY dinner11

CNY dinner13

CNY dinner14

CNY dinner16

CNY dinner18

CNY dinner19

CNY dinner20

The 1st years and their performances.

CNY dinner17

A crazy [it’s suppose to be a club dance] dance

CNY dinner15

How low do you think she can bend without support?

CNY dinner6

Lao Sang.

All in all I suddenly feel very old because I keep seeing my juniors come and go. I watch them grow up, become mature and find their partners [exaggerated a bit].