Last year I had I really early birthday celebration which, in the end sort of ‘pissed off’ a lot of people. And I’ve learnt my lesson and didn’t do the alterations I did last year.

I became 10 days older last year. And this year if I were to follow the date by which this group of friends celebrated my birthday, then I would have been 18 days younger :). [So all in all, 8 days younger??]

Anyway, thanks for celebrating my birthday 🙂

Birthday 4

~The bf, the gf, and the lamp post~


Birthday 1

~PKK friends~


Birthday 6

~The birthday cake~


Birthday 5

~I still have this much sitting in my fridge since I’m sick and can’t really eat any cake~


Birthday 3

~Me cutting the cake~


Birthday 2

~Me wishing for … (secret)~

Oh anyway… I still have that very unique sense to know whether there’s a hidden surprise for me every birthday. So in the end I really felt that you might as well just bring the cake out and get it over with. The faster we go through routines, the faster I can eat the cake.

Thanks 🙂