And I’ve been spending time nursing this sickness of mine but the irony is that things are always the busiest when you need to have some rest. The UPM postgraduate fair is currently going on in the Grand Hall and the Graduates Students Club members had to help out in preparing, setting up and looking after the booth. That’s the main culprit that had been robbing me of my sleep. But so far. Things at the fair are looking okay even though it might look messy. [Anyway I won’t put any hopes on winning anything for the booth though]

Stayed up most of last night to finish a video of the faculty using last year’s resources [Note to self: Remember to get new and better resources before I retire]. The audio wasn’t really good cause you can hear things being too loud at times and too soft at times. [Perhaps with more time and more skill I can do better]

Anyway, regarding what sickness I have at the moment. Its a mixture of fever, shoulder pain, sore throat [and very dry throat], [?] mucous and toothache and I think its possible that my tooth cavities may be causing the problems. Anyway, its really causing a lot of discomfort [especially the ? mucous] part. So I think ultimately I’ll have to go for a dental checkup.

I’ve visited 2 clinics is the past 4 days. The first one was the university health center, which gave me an assortment of meds which seems to heal only the complications [such as sore throat, fever etc] but not the problem [which is ok since common cold has no cure yet]. But they didn’t gave me any antibiotics which I thought was weird since the cold may also be due to bacterial infection [I think]. Anyway, went to a second clinic and got the antibiotics.

Hope I can get better in time of covering this Sunday’s dinner function.


The meds the health center gave me.

Oh, I changed the theme to a newer theme called ‘Titan’. What do you think? Clean and simple right?

Oh and btw, my voice sounds a bit now like Arnold S. [I’ll be back]