I heard about the news last night. I’m not really sure what to feel since I’m not close with the person nor do I know her well enough. But for me, even if you barely know each other, the death of someone close to those around you will be felt. And so I’m writing with the feelings I’ve felt for my friends who have lost a friend.

I can relate what I felt when a close friend of mine committed suicide. I cried. The tears won’t stop. I cried when I saw his body in the coffin, unmoving, silent and cold. I cried because I know I’m not a good friend for not being there for him when he needed friends the most. I cried in front of strangers whom I didn’t know and in front of friends whom I know. I cried in front of my mother who haven’t seen me lost control like that before. And I saw friends of mine, whom are always able to control their emotions, and they broke down as well. And in the end, all we could see was sadness. There was no joy in that place that day.

That was one experience I had with death. And eventually I realize that we do have to cherish those around us. Be it the person whom rejected you for being an admirer, a friend whom you had an argument with, or even just the friendly cashier you normally see in an eatery. Life is unpredictable, it is as fragile as candle flame on a windy day. So many times we heard others talking about how fragile life is. And so many times we agreed to it. And more are the times when we forget about it over and over again.

Perhaps each passing of life is a reminder that life is always going on, even if you didn’t realize it, until it is gone one day. And when will be the day when we finally do not need the passing of friends to remind us of that?