Ever since starting my post-graduate studies here, I’ve been doing a lot of things. Things that a post-graduate student will have to do and things I have never thought one would have to do till I done it.

Here’s a list of things I’ve done before:

1. Do my project work.

2. After (1), find out why my project work is not being done

3. After (2), try to change project titles or incorporate new things into the project to make it more interesting.

4. After (3), still found out that the progress is not there.

5. After (4), realize that I may be not working hard enough.

6. After (5), wonder why I’m still around 😛

7. Supervise final year project students with their project work.

8. After (7), become ‘one-of-the-person-who-stay-late-supervising-other-junior-students’

9. After (7), become ‘one-of-the-person-to-ask-if-you-want-to-use-anything-in-the-lab’

10. After (7), being the ‘one-who-get-ffk-by-his-junior-everytime most-of-the-time-he-want-to-teach-him-DNA-extraction’

11. Become a lab demonstrator for undergraduates during lab sessions.

12. After (11), helped correct lab reports.

13. After (12), helped correct some test papers.

14. Become a lab demonstrator for undergraduates for their pre-industrial training.

15. Become ‘the-person-to-see’ by the sales person who comes to the lab

16. Become ‘the-person-to-order-from’ by my other lab mates.

17. Become ‘the-person-who settles-the-orders-and-the-paperwork’

18. Writes up proposal for my supervisor to apply for new grants so we can have $$ to carry on our research project.

19. Edit up proposals from other supervisors but ‘co-supervised’ by my supervisor to apply for new grants.

20. Become ‘one-of-the-person-who-tries-to-tally-up-accounts-to-find-out-how-much-is-left’

21. After (20), find out why accounts are not tally.

22. After (21), tally out accounts

23. Become ‘the-person-to-cancel-wrong-orders-placed-by-other-more-senior-but-less-‘experienced’-laboratory-mates’

24. Typed something into a soft copy form in 30 minutes due to supervisor forgetting to do it.

25. Helped completed a poster for presentation within one week.

26. After (25), struggled through some presentations of the poster to some public people.

27. Helped to maintain lab items and lab reagents.

28. Carry out cleanup of things which other lab mates sometimes don’t clean up.

29. Carry out reorganization of where things are placed in the lab.

30. After (29), try to remember where all the things are placed in the lab.

31. After (30), find out why some things are missing.

32. After (31), report missing items.

And the list goes on… And that’s just things in the lab. That’s not accounting for things outside the lab.