Kindness, part of a greater meaning called ‘Love’ *Credits to Rufina for allowing me to use this photo*

I did share a bit on the kindness as one of the habits of ‘Love as a way of life’ previously in one of my older post.

Recently I’ve been asking myself how sometimes certain people do not appreciate the kindness that others show to them. It made me ponder a bit on whether the people should show kindness in the first place, since kindness if not appreciated will go to waste.

But only after a while did I realize that kindness will never be wasted. Sure, certain people may not know how to appreciate kindness that kindness will eventually pass on from them to someone else when they show kindness. And the flow continues like that.

So even though some people do not wish to receive kindness, perhaps they just didn’t realize that the kindness they receive from others may have been passed on by you.

It doesn’t really matter if you can’t do something for a person. Showing kindness to those around them will be enough and eventually the kindness you’ve shown to these people will pass on to that person.

So just remember. Be kind 🙂