On this day, 23 years ago, a baby was born.

And that baby was me.

He’s normal by day… But at night he become…


Power Rangers Alan Tan.

Okay… Enough with the bulls#it. Happy birthday to me. How did I went through the day I turned 23 years old you ask?

Well… First off… Its the third day of CNY. So can hardly expect much celebrations since CNY is more important. Secondly, since I’m in Labuan, there’s less celebration as well, since I prefer to be relaxing at home. And third, this must be the first birthday I had with me suffering from a toothache T.T

Anyway, many thanks to SingYee and LeiHong for the yamcha session at McD. They even gave me a photo album as a present. Thanks a lot. I’ll print out all the nicer photos I have and keep it in that album. It will become a collection of my ‘work’

Later that night, there was the 3rd open house I attended throughout this CNY. Have to attend it since it’s my aunt’s open house. Brought my camera along and after the food, just snapped away, especially with my baby cousin as the model.








In the end he got so annoyed with me taking photos of him that he made that face 😛


My sister was one of the more reluctant models.

There was another gathering the next day for some of my friends. We met to drink at one of the pubs and later went for a photo session in Grand Dorsett hotel.

It was during this photo session that I really feel that I need more practice taking photos at night (And possibly a shotgun flash)

Some of the photos:


L-R: Michelle, WeiEn, GeokFang, LeiHong, YawSing, SingYee


They were suppose to model but seems like both the models and the photographer fail to communicate well.


At least we got some nice shots even though their pose seemed really forced.



The main-and-only thorn among the roses.



And then they chose to pose with the dead plant. Lol



Final shot of the guy and girls before leaving.

Anyway, my very much anticipated photo session with Yvonne as the model got cancelled off after some unexpected things came up. I do hope to be working with her soon though.

Oh ya. I inserted the ‘Power Rangers’ photo above to generate more hits coming from Facebook. Did it work? 😛


P/S: 23 years old. I’m OLD. Do I need to start planning about MARRIAGE and HAVING A FAMILY? Lol.