Just wanting to wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year 2010. Happy Year of the Tiger 🙂

I’m currently back in Labuan for my CNY holidays. It’s like a short break for me from lab work which I hadn’t really been doing much lately. After this break really have to work hard already.

Arrived in Labuan on Friday morning. Thanks to Juliana for bringing me to the ERL station at Putrajaya Central. We even saw a comet on our way to the airport. Refer to this post.

Barely managed to make it on the 9am flight. Imagine I was still on the train at 8 a.m. but thanks to ERL, the ONLY public transportation which is NOT overcrowded and LATE, I managed to make it with minutes to spare 🙂

Flight’s on board of the plane was good. The sambal udang with the nasi lemak is something I really enjoyed. Too bad the landing wasn’t so smooth though. Had me thinking that we might crash for a moment there.

Worst thing about my return to Labuan thus far? I’m having a toothache. Shoot. I can’t really enjoy myself. Feeling tired almost everytime and find myself having to take a nap every now and then. Lousy toothache seem to be draining my vitality. (It could be a wisdom tooth since I feel some swelling)

First day of CNY and second day of CNY pass by just like that. Didn’t do much visiting since I seemed to have gotten past that habit quite some time ago. Been to two open houses thus far and its kinda hard to enjoy the food with the toothache. Brought ‘Esme (my camera)’ along and tried her out a bit. Here are some photos


From left to right (My sisters, Eileen and Juliana; my mum holding my cousin, Madeline and Jason, my cousins.)


Some bamboo decorations.



A bamboo boat.


The Western style lamp in my uncle’s house.






Lion dancers


Madeline and Matthew, both are my cousins.


My favorite CNY biscuits.


OpenHouseCNY126 OpenHouseCNY127

Some ornaments lying around.


Connie visited as well. She can be a good model. Haha. (Shot was taken by Cindy)



Me and Connie.

So far, what I’m liking the most about Labuan is my bed and not having to do much things except to relax 😛

Going to go out with some friends tomorrow so I do hope it’s going to be a nice day ahead 🙂

Happy CNY everyone.