I’m taking the course Health Statistics this semester and there was this paper which I had to take a few weeks back. Honestly I haven’t had a paper in quite a while so preparing for it didn’t go too well.

The results came out 2 days ago.

And, I did quite well statistically. That is to mean that my score is within the upper limits of a normal distribution.


Which means that I got quite a high mark compare to the average the class got.

But note that I said ‘I did quite well STATISTICALLY’

Reality wise, the mean average of what the class got was so low that the upper limits didn’t seem quite ‘Upper’ at all.

Its a bit like knowing that you did well in your class… But then finding out that the average in your class is a Score D. Which means that your score is somewhere within B- or B.

Glad to know that I’m learning something statistically even though my marks are damn low.