*This is a delayed entry.*

Dear Miss N,

I’m typing this while waiting for the moment to fetch you from the bus station.

I guess I must be thankful for remembering that you are coming back today. I must be thankful for taking the courage to sms you and offer my help to you. Honestly I thought that my sms will be somewhat like the most of what I’ve sent before, without a reply, but well, you did reply and you did accepted my offer for help (even if you did give me reasons and conditions for it). Honestly I don’t mind doing this for you even if you did somewhat ignored me for the past few months. I’m glad I still keep believing that things will be better and didn’t give in to my sadness and anger. You might not know how many times I almost gave in, especially to the latter.

I’m going to be fetching an angry person later. I do hope that person don’t lashed out at me. Haha. I remember someone very dear to me once said. Don’t let your anger consume you. (That person was my ex) She understands that I was a person who let anger get the best of me, especially during my undergraduate years. And many times I just felt depressed and tired after all unleashing all those anger. I’m not in a position to judge you nor do I know what’s going on with your life. But I do want you to know the one thing I found out all those years ago. Feeling anger does not help with things. You’ll only get tired and stress out in the end. It won’t help you with in the relationship with the person you are angry with and it will ruin the relationships you do have with others around you. She helped me out with those words and I in turn hope that these words will help you out as well. Life’s a bitch sometimes but life will be much more of a bitch if you let your anger take control of you.

And honestly I am happy today because things seemed to be looking better after the “cold-war” all these months. I just hope that things will continue to get better as time pass. And I do hope I remember to keep my mouth zipped later while fetching you. Though you might not want to hear this since you seem to loathe and despise this place but still, welcome back. And I look forward to tasting that cupcake. Haha. Cheers.


*I guess I won’t have the chance to eat that cupcake. Haha. Miss N messaged me a few moment ago saying that she has found some other friends on the bus and will share a taxi with them. Somehow I did look forward to fetching the angry girl back but seems like its not this time. Sigh. I do hope that this is not another bad sign though.*