Taiwan trip 15

Kenting sunrise

We left Kenting early in the morning and headed off to this Buddhist temple with this large Buddha statue overlooking the city.

 Taiwan trip 16

Taiwan trip 17 

There was a lot of bronze statue scatter all over the temple.

Taiwan trip 18

The temple was a temple/university where the monks are studying at. The campus also includes hostels for the monks to stay in.

Taiwan trip 19

Taiwan trip 20

We could take photos of these statues but not videos of them. I wonder why.

Taiwan trip 21

The temple corridors looks very antique.

Taiwan trip 22

Everything was well kept here, notice the red flowers brightening the temple.

Taiwan trip 23

One of the entrances of the temple.

We spent most of the morning on temple grounds before making out way to the Meinung Hakka Village.

Taiwan Meinung 4

The grand entrance.

Taiwan Meinung 1

One of the house cum shops there.

Taiwan Meinung 2

Taiwan Meinung 3

The things they sell.

Taiwan trip 24

Very old time feeling about the village. As if I’m back in ancient Taiwan/China.

Taiwan trip 25

The village walkway

Taiwan trip 26

The water wheel of the village. I finally managed to blur out the water, thanks to Esme.

We eventually reach back in Kaoshiung and had a steamboat buffet lunch there. Ate to the fullest and then the afternoon was spent visiting some other temples/pagodas in Kaoshiung.

Taiwan trip 28

Taiwan trip 30

Some of the statues here. I think its a Taoist temple.

Taiwan trip 29

View of the city from the top of the pagoda.

Taiwan trip 27

A lot of seagulls flying about over here.

Taiwan trip 31

Taiwan trip 32

Some of the other pagodas along this stretch of road.

Taiwan trip 33

Pagodas with a dragon head entrance and also a tiger head entrance.

After that we visited something a bit less Asian, a British fort on the top of the hill overlooking a cape.

Taiwan trip 34 

Beautiful sunset

Taiwan trip 35

The British fort.

Taiwan trip 36

Notice the amount of people down there. The cape was so large that I can’t really take the whole thing in with one shot.

Taiwan trip 37

We also saw some fishing boats heading out to the ocean.

We spent around half an hour in the fort and later headed to the ferry which ferry us across the river to a nearby night market.

Taiwan trip 38

A very artistic over-the-river walkway bridge.

Taiwan trip 39

And the ferry is finally off. The ride wasn’t smooth so most of the photos I took after this was blurred out. Zzz.

Taiwan trip 40

The night market we visited.

Taiwan trip 41

Little dog watching/sleeping over its owner’s bike. The dogs here are so obedient. I’ve even seen a dog riding a bike with its owner on the road.

Didn’t buy much in the night market because I don’t understand most of the things written on the boards. Haha. Except for a Pearl Milk Tea.

We went back to the ‘mainland’ on ferry and headed to another night market in central Kaoshiung.

Taiwan trip 42

Yay, Finally seen a Christian Chruch.

Taiwan trip 43

The more ‘modern’ night market in central Kaoshiung.

We went back to the same hotel we stayed during our first night there. By now I can say that I’m really tired and hit the bed almost immediately after entering the room.