I got featured on the front page of WordPress website a few weeks back. For those who had missed it, here’s a snapshot of the front page that day.

Featured on WP main page1

Never had I though that I would be featured for a post that sums up my shitty 2009. Not to mentioned that I almost made an online confession in that particular post.

And being featured really spike up my blog hits. From a measly 20-30 hits a day till 600+ hits a day.

Blog hits skyrocketted

On the way to 600+ hits.

Unfortunately I’m not hosting any ads nor am I with Nuffnang. Haha. But still, it puts a bit of life back into this dying blog. Its harder to find time to blog since I’m back in KL, Malaysia doing my 4th semester of PhD studies. I really need to put more initiative towards blogging from now on. Perhaps cut down on my TV time and also my DOTA time to make more time for blogging.

There will be a post on ‘My life as a post-graduate student’ up soon. As well as the remaining post on my Taiwan trip. I hope I still remember all the places I visited while I was there.

Till then, stay tuned!!