1. Learnt the keyboard. Can you believe it? I’ve been wanting to learn for quite some time but hadn’t really the passion for it until…Well something happened. Lets just say that I no longer know what I can do. And I started learning the song because it has all my feelings in it. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Alan’s first simplified song. River flows in you by Yiruma.

It was late one September night when I was having insomnia because of the problems I was facing that I heard this song. I remember how it calms me. And how it gives me resolve in holding on even till today. And I knew I just had to learn it. And one month, a keyboard and a lot of hard practice later, I finally got it. My dear problem, this shall always be our song.

2. Trips. I’ve had a number of trips lately. Genting, Kelantan, Limbang, Brunei, Ipoh, KK and ultimately Taiwan. I hadn’t been to Genting for a long long time. I can’t even remember my last trip there. It should be when I was still a baby :p. The same goes for Brunei. I hadn’t been there since I left 12 years ago. I was studying there until Primary 4. Now when I went back for a day trip, I can hardly remember the places there. First time trips will be to Kelantan (where I attended my first conference and stayed alone in a 2 beds five class hotel), Ipoh (visited here with Shirley and gang early this year) and Taiwan (visit this link for full trip details).


KK-Harbor side

Blog 1

Limbang harborside

Blog 2

Labuan harborside

I’ve not been back to KK for around 5 years. Last I remember being back there was when I met up with Stephanie and gang whom I met while studying A levels back during Matriculation. A lot of things had changed there. I have-ot been back to my hometown as well for the last 2 years. A lot have changed most notably the cousins look so grown up now. All handsome guys and pretty girls. I had to try to resist falling in love with them (the girls I mean) Ha ha. Looking forward to more trips next year.

3. Project progress. Now I’ll sum this up in a graph. My progress this year:

Progress bad

Frankly speaking, I’m having loads of troubles this year that it seem to make of think twice about whether I should quit or not. Sigh. I think its always cause I’m not hardworking enough.

4. Accidents accidents. Since I started driving in KL, I had been involved in 2 minor accidents with both happening in the span of 2 weeks. First off, a miscalculation on turning angle on my side caused my to dent the right side of my car. And a few days later, a mistake by both parties caused both car’s buttocks to become blue black. But I am thankful though that none are serious incidents. And I pray that my driving will continue to be safe throughout 2010. In addition to that, there’s that time when my car rear glass got smashed (Most probably by those cutting the grass). Pain to look at it you know. But lucky everything is okay now (I hope).


5. I’ve gotten a new girlfriend. Say hello to Esme. She’s very high-class and also made me have a huge hole in my wallet. What to do. I fell in love with her. Haha. Here’s a picture of me caressing her.





Blog 1

I do love her, really.

6. I’ve went to my first out of KL conference and it was at Kelantan. Stayed in a 5 star hotel with 2 queen size bed to sleep on. Slept in different bed every night some more. Ah… The life… Hahaha… And just paid RM50 per night for the 2 beds. Really a blissful life 😛


Alan was here… on both beds.

7. Suffered emotional breakdowns a few times this year. It was from bad to worst I guess. Sometimes it makes me wonder if what I’m doing is correct. Can’t a kind person treat another person kindly without hidden intentions. If it’s possible then why are there conflict among us?

8. Enjoyed photography and ventured into the world of HDR. Gives off the best in photos but then haven’t really do very well in it. But nevertheless still loving it. Hope to be able to venture into portraits soon. With real pretty models this time. Hahaha

Blog 3

Genting cable car (HDR)


Faculty at Sunset (HDR)

Labuan Sea Sports Complex 5

Labuan Sea Sports complex at night (HDR)

I’m loving HDR.

9. Broke the 20k visits barrier earlier this year. Thanks to you all for visiting. I know I hadn’t been updating much lately. But still really thank you for tuning in.

I know that this year really hasn’t been an interesting year for me. But I do look forward to a more fruitful 2010. With a lot of hopes of things that may happen.