I’ll be back to Labuan for around 3 weeks. This will be a long needed break for me I guess. Will be taking some photos back on the island and later be off to KK and then Taiwan… I want to be let loose to do my photography at these places. Hope I have the chance to let loose… And also to relax myself. I need to rest.

Now waiting at LCCT Starbucks. Been waiting since 10.30pm. Its now 2.00am. My flight’s at 7.30am. Not bad so far. Drank one medium size coffee and will get another one soon. Amazingly I managed to finish my grant proposal in the few hours I’m here. Only thing to complain about now is that their air-conditioning is broken. So I’m sweating here. Haha. Guess I’ll hang around for a few more hours. Then go McD to get breakfast and then check-in for my flight. Hope no delay 🙂