A few days back, I was wondering why there aren’t any more manga (Japanese comics) which are similar to Kindaichi Shonen no Jikembo (About Kindaichi solving murder cases etc). I really like that manga and was a bit disappointed when they ended the manga quite some time ago. Of course there are still Detective Conan and Detective Academy Q but those just can’t compare to the impact that Kindaichi series had on me.

So to satisfied my needs for mystery, I searched on the net for some ‘Mystery’ manga and stumble upon this little gem.


Doubt is a 20 chapter manga by Tonogai Yoshiki. 20 chapters will just take up around 2 hours of your time. Think of it as watching a movie.


There is a game played in Japan called ‘Rabbit Doubt’. Players play this game using their cell phones using the following story line: It was said that one day, a wolf sneak into a group of friendly rabbits. When the rabbits fell asleep, the wolf showed its real form and started to kill off the rabbits one by one. The rabbits- finding their numbers declining- began to feel suspicious of each other, hanging whomever they thought was the wolf. The game ends either when the rabbits are all dead or the rabbits finally capture the wolf (I know I know, the plot sounds a bit like Mafia)


And so, a few players of the game decided to meet each other but unbeknownst to them, a wolf snuck into their gathering. Finding themselves trapped in a warehouse with no way out, and being killed off one by one, will they be able to unmask the wolf before being killed off entirely? Who is the wolf?


The whole plot is filled with twists and turns and I found myself making numerous amounts of deductions as to who the wolf could have been (And lets just say that one of my possible deductions came true in the end…). The depth of mystery is just compelling and makes the manga a really fascinating read.


I could really relate the plot to the movie ‘Saw’. Especially how to plot develops until the surprising revelation in the end. *cue Saw’s theme* *XXX, I would like to play a game* *Shudders*

There should be more manga’s like this out there. Give it a read and you might find yourself enjoying it, just like how I did.

Link to Doubt –> Doubt manga

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