Yaki Yaki 35

Went to a Japanese BBQ Buffet Lunch at Yaki Yaki yesterday. The normal price of such a buffet is at RM 65++ but during this promotion period the lunch price became RM18.90++

Yaki Yaki 34

The promotion is only on for the month of September only if I’m not mistaken and is only for the Lunch period and also the Hi-Tea period only. And one last thing to note is ONLY ON WEEKDAYS!!!

How to get there?

Yaki Yaki 33

It’s just next to Low Yat plaza. A bit hard to find but its directly in front of one of Low Yat’s entrance.

A point to note though is that for this promotion, Sashimi and Oysters are not included. To have a taste of those things, you’ll need to go for the original price package.

Anyway. Some of the food which I had during my first round walk there…

Yaki Yaki 1

If this was some other type of Japanese restaurant, my first round pick would have exceeded RM20 already. But you could see the raw fish for BBQ on the right had side. There’s some ready cook food on the upper left side. Below that is some of the tempura fried food. And the other two plates are filled with sushi. BTW… I’m a salmon fanatic which sums up why there are so much salmons there. You can see some Unagi sushi on the same plate as the Salmon sushi.

Yaki Yaki 2

Close up of the lower left plate. You can see some unknown fish sushi on the left and at the middle is some type of pork sushi (The BBQ is not halal BTW) and there’s the egg sushi on the right.

Yaki Yaki 3


Yaki Yaki 4

Close up!!!

Yaki Yaki 5

Some type of fish… Red snapper on a stick and salmons to be cooked. There’s also shark meat which I didn’t try though.

Yaki Yaki 6

The tempura food… Prawns in the background…

Yaki Yaki 7

Snapping away. Ate up some of the salmons. There’s some cake at the background BTW.

Yaki Yaki 8

Fish, chicken and pork being BBQed.

Yaki Yaki 9

The all-you-can eat Baskin Robbins ice-cream.

Yaki Yaki 10

Green tea ice cream + Mango tango ice cream.

Yaki Yaki 11

Some of the cooked pork meat and chicken.

Yaki Yaki 12

Being creative. Dipping some BBQ fish into the tempura sauce.

Yaki Yaki 13

The raw fish counter. They filled up the counter when the food runs out. So you don’t have to worry about nothing to eat. Look at all those salmons.

Yaki Yaki 14

Some of the side dishes. There’s Japanese egg tofu and other types of food.

Yaki Yaki 15

Up close with the Japanese egg tofu

Yaki Yaki 18

Some Japanese Bakuteh…?!

Yaki Yaki 19

Some crabs

Yaki Yaki 20

More mixed up ice cream. Heavenly.

Yaki Yaki 21

I kept on taking salmons. Can’t have enough of it.

Yaki Yaki 22

Look at how tasty it is.

Yaki Yaki 23

SALMONS all the way!!!

Yaki Yaki 24

The raw fish counter.

Yaki Yaki 25

The meat counter.  You can see chicken legs and all sorts of chicken which you can BBQ. There’s even all types of meat and pork. I remember they even have some Rosemary Lamb meat for you to BBQ.

Yaki Yaki 26

The ready cooked food counter. All sorts of fried rice and mee for you to take. But I didn’t take any…

Yaki Yaki 27

Part of the sushi counter.

Yaki Yaki 28

Not much jelly dessert BTW.

Yaki Yaki 29

But there was quite a number of cakes to choose from.

Yaki Yaki 30

One of the rooms that you can reserve.

Yaki Yaki 31

Just a photo of the cup. It wasn’t whisky BTW.

Yaki Yaki 32

The food group that I went with. We ate from 11.40am till 2.10pm. And we left the place a lot heavier than when we arrived.

I just had that one grand meal that day. And didn’t feel hungry for the rest of the day.

Have to return to have another round there before the promotion end.

Apparently Yaki Yaki has closed down. Not sure for what reason. Just an update so you’d know