Kindness means noticing someone else and recognizing his needs. It means seeing the value in every person we meet.

Kindness is the joy of meeting someone else’s needs before your own simply for the sake of relationship.

I found that most of us nowadays just take relationships and what others do for us for granted. They don’t realize how to appreciate the kindness of other people (I’m included BTW)…

Kindness is at its best when we don’t have to stop to think about it. Just do it then I guess.

But how about when we treat someone with kindness especially those who treated us harshly?

Kindness changes people. And when we notice how our kindness act can change people we tend to be more eager to be kind.

In order to answer that, we must have a change to attitude first. We must understand that the attitude of ‘I will only be kind to you if you are kind to me’ shouldn’t be practiced. Rather we should have a mentality of ‘Regardless how you treat me, I’ll still be kind to you’.

We wear kindness as part of our clothing, we don’t stop to think about whether we should be kind in a certain situation.

After the change of attitude, we must also understand that we can be kind to at any time of our lives. And it’s even better if the kindness we practice is a kindness comes naturally and without thought.

Different people have different response towards kindness. There will be times when kindness is turned down or even treated as having hidden motives.

Relationships do not always work the way we want them to, and we might never see the influence of our acts of kindness but when we love authentically, we are faithful even when loving is difficult. (I still have a long long way to go at this then)

When other people rejects our expression of kindness, with love, we will keep treating that person with kindness and hoping that in time that person will accept the kindness that we offer.

It is necessary for us to use the proper words also when we are expressing kindness. And sometimes, even when we have the chance to tease someone for a mistake he has done before, a positive response of kindness will make the relationship even stronger.

Regardless of how terrible a situation is, kind words have the potential to turn the situation around and even change the attitude of people.

Catch yourself when you are thinking negatively about yourslef or someone else. Replace those words in your mind with something positive about you or the other person.

Kindness generates kindness. When we make kindness an intentional habit, we are more likely to see the worth of each person.

Acting kindly toward other people increases one’s sense of self-worth, optimism and overall satisfaction in life.

The phrase ‘pay it forward’ reminds me of the song ‘Pass it on’

The lyrics go something like this


~~It only takes a spark to get a fire going

And soon all those around can warm up in its’ glowing

That’s how it is with God’s love

Once you experience it

You spread His love to everyone

You want to pass it on~~


Kindness is just the same. Experience it and share it and pass it on. And the kindness will pass on from one person to another.

When we are kind to others, we look for other ways to be kind, and when others are kind to us, we are motivated to pass that kindness on

Kindness can be remarkably simple. But its effects can last a lifetime. When we treat another person with kindness, we acknowledge the value of another person.

Learning to be kind is another challenge most of us should be facing. Because kindness may be a momentary thought and action but that thought or action could last a lifetime.