Chapter 1: The satisfaction of a loving life

*Starting to read this book by Gary Chapman called ‘Love as a way of life’… It’s quite meaningful though… I always wondered if what I did was called ‘love’ or not.. Or is it just… ‘MR-ALAN’S-COMPLICATED-AND-HARD-TO-UNDERSTAND-ACTIONS’… Anyway… Am in Chapter 1 right now and just feeling like sharing some things with you all…*

When we love others because we value them as individuals, we experience a joy like no other.

Love is not an emotion that comes over us or an elusive goal dependent on the actions of others

Authentic love is something within our capabilities, originating in our attitudes and culminating in our actions. If we think of love as a feeling, we shall be frustrated when we can’t always work up that feeling. When we realize that love is primarily an action. we are ready to use the tools we have to love better.

One of the beautiful things about living a love-filled life is that we are not dependent on circumstances for our satisfaction. We find joy in our choice to love others, whether or not they love us in return and whether or not circumstances go the way we want them to.

Humans are made for relationships, when we offer authentic love to someone, we are being who we really are.

Am I being who I really am then??? I wonder…

But I guess that if I’m suppose to find joy in our choice to love others, even if the love is unrequited, then it isn’t really love after all…

Guess I still have quite a long way to go…