If you have followed my Facebook statuses you may have come across updates saying that I have very cute juniors for my lab sessions.

Why are they cute you ask?


They will:

Ask me for permission before going to toilet (Some of them anyway… And it is really unnecessary BTW)

Jump repeatedly for joy if they managed to get good results in the lab practical. And I mean repeatedly.

Make jokes and riddles with the demos’ mid-way through their practical sessions.

A group stayed behind after everyone was done with the practical to repeat their practical again because they got not-so-good results (I admire their determination)

The group that stayed behind with me after everyone else left sang songs out aloud to keep themselves company while doing their practical.

And the group that stayed behind actually taught a foreign student in their group some Malay songs. I really enjoy looking at how well their relationship with that foreign student is  🙂

And finally they labeled their test tubes uniquely. Normally past groups just use markers to label the tubes but I’ve seen creative ways recently. Eg:


This is the standard way to label a tube around here.


I’ve seen


Using liquid paper



Using paper and staples.

and best of all


This group actually cut pieces of small papers and applied glue on it and stick it to the tubes.

Lol. When I was an undergraduate, I remember sometimes we don’t even mind to label the tubes… Or at most just remember where we put them.

But I guess these things make them cute.

Anyway I just hope that they enjoy the practical as well… Even though I’m quite sure that many don’t really understand what they are doing at times.

But hey… I’m enjoying looking at their antics 🙂