A question that has been in my mind for quite some time now is this. Should I be too close with the juniors? In a way, I found that I’m already a very old senior and perhaps it isn’t really appropriate for me to be too close with the younger generation. A reason will be that it may seemed that I’m treating the juniors better than…well… their seniors which may cause them to think that I’m a bit bias towards the juniors (1st years and 2nd years… I mean you!!!)

And another reason will be that… Well… I told this to JunFook today… That a relationship, even a friendship, is a two way relationship. I don’t really think of the 2nd years or the 1st years as merely juniors but rather friends as well… That’s why I always do what I can to support them. But I wonder do they feel the same way upwards as well… I’ve seen my seniors feeling more and more displaced as time goes by. As if whatever connection they may have had already disappeared. I wanted to protect this connection so I take the initiative to know them… To take care of them as well… (As much as I can anyway)… But then… lets just say that sometimes I get tired too if the relationship is one way. So perhaps that’s why my seniors and those from my batch don’t really know the new generation. Those who remained are those who took the initiative to know them (William, and Biau) and those who could have been good friends with them as well (SookYin, Mitsuki) drifted away because of obligations. But I’m quite sure if they have a chance to know them more they too may have formed a relationship with the juniors as well.

Hmmm… Somehow I feel that I’m drifting further away as well… Should I try to maintain the relationships I have???