Was at the recent C.A.D for my ex-course recently… Went because I wanted to go… Even though convo mass was on the same night. Went because I wanted to make my existence felt… Went because I wanted to see my juniors… Haha. Went because I am a self proclaimed historian of the course… Went because there are pretty juniors dancing 😛


Perhaps I should just sum up the dinner this year in a good and bad fashion.


Good: The place was better than last year…

This year it was held in IOI resort indoors with air-cond

Bad: The place was the same as last year


Last year they held it at IOI resort too… But outside near the pool so it’s kinda hot


Good: This year, they have 2 opening dances by the 2nd years…

Sexy dances are a plus point too…

And of course… We have the not-so-sexy dance…

But still entertaining


Bad: Last year I didn’t record any dances at all…


Good: The food this year is good :). And refillable. And I ate quite a lot




Bad: The food this year cannot be tapau’ed… Hahaha


Good: The juniors act this year was really quite entertaining.




I’m still wondering which girl played Ju-On though.


Bad: A junior of mine didn’t come.

CAD 12

Whose’s the girl with her face blocked out?? (She wished to remain anonymous BTW)… First to answer get a gift 😛


Good: We are not sitting with the representatives from other campuses 🙂


Bad: Certain seniors couldn’t make it… Including Mitsuki, ChaiTeng, HweiYee and SookYin…

Though if it was a week earlier… They might have come… Especially Mitsuki.


Good: I managed to get a good group photo… None blurred 😛


Bad: Since I wanted to take the good group photo… I went to take it myself (Cause I don’t really trust the waiter taking the photo…) So in the end… I’m not in the group photo… Anyone with good editing skills please edit my face in there… Hahaha


Good: I get another junior to further my buddy line 😛


She’s furthest on the left.

Bad: I get another great-granddaughter… Haha… My daughters can’t seem to get any guys at all.


Good: Took photos with a lot of leng luis.





Bad: Should have taken more photos with more leng luis… Hahaha


And finally… To top off everything

Good: I managed to dress up quite ok don’t cha think??

Refer to photos on top 🙂

Bad: Haha.. It’s exactly the same thing I wore a year and a half ago for the Biomed Annual Dinner at PICC…


Hair is different though. Haha… Looking back at the above photo… I feel that I really need to keep my hair short 😛


Anyway… A good job well done to the organizing committee 🙂