And it went something like this… I was suppose to give a message for the CAD book


Alan – If you can find that one good thing that sets you apart from others, then that one thing alone makes you special, and that is all that matters…

Alan – does that sound cheesy?? hahaha

EwAiNe – sounds niceee… so u want that to be in

Alan- it sounds weird. ahaha

EwAiNe – a bit mussy

EwAiNe – hahz. cuz ppl are putting msg like live life to the fullest. bla bla bla. hahahz

Alan – then.. add this is front of what i type just now. life is complicated… but here’s a way to make it simpler

Alan – how does that sound now? is it too long?

EwAiNe – i guess. it is a bit too long. but will try to ask if it can fit.

Alan – hahaha. nvm la..just put in… live life to the fullest.