Well… Just have a look at the drawings I’ve made:


It was totally terrible I tell you. The parking system once the barrier gates have gone up turned from bad to worse. Before this, students can just park at the parking lots next to the cafe or the labs which are close-by and convenient. But since certain staffs from the faculty had complaint about not able to find parking, students are now restricted to only the general parking area a few hundred meters away. Normally I wouldn’t mind parking there (Even though the sun is hot and the roads are not tarred… Not to mention that there are no lines so everyone is free to park everywhere). But this morning was just terrible.

(Photo was taken roughly one hour after I went reverse out… It started to rain… But can still see the situation)


There were not enough parking at the general parking area. Its even hard for those who already parked in there to get out. And whoever that go into that area have to reverse to get out… I pitied the girl who can’t get out in the photo above. I think she scratched her car while trying to get out (I think she U-turn at middle are between the black Viva/Myvi with that red kancil behind it)

And in the end, I reversed out of the parking area and drove to the back gate there to find a parking… And luckily I managed to find one by the road side.

21072009058 (editted)

And while walking to my lab, I noticed the area which I normally park are empty. EMPTY you know…

21072009053 (editted)




Guess I have to do something about it for the post-graduates. But seriously… This is one way to start a morning.