This was one of the question posed out by Fr Chris during last night’s mass.

It got me thinking for a while. What feature of Jesus Christ keeps bringing me back to Him over and over again.

The answer I got while in the chapel was His strength. He was persecuted over and over but He still managed to do His duties. Perhaps I can relate to that the most because I often found myself weak spiritually and seeking that strength and that faith that He has.

But that made me wonder again. Why not the other traits? Like love, or being caring? Hmmm, for me I guess that everyone has the ability to love. It’s only the definition of love which often got us lost. Everyone’s definition of love is quite different. My definition is more towards giving my service to those who needs them. At least I think of that way as my ‘love’ to them… Or at least I hope that’s how I show my ‘love’.

But… My love language ain’t ‘Acts of Service’. So why am I doing that particular language to all of those around me?