I noticed that I’m the type who is over-careful in the technical things I do. Most of the time when I’m using something in someone else’s lab I tend to be extra careful before leaving. Checking everything is placed back to where it’s suppose to be. So much so till I often make a second trip to that lab to verify if everything is ok. Is this called insecurity?? I wonder.

The same goes for when I am the last to leave my lab. I’ll check and double check and triple check if everything is off or not. So much till I’ll be spending 5 to 10 minutes walking about checking all the plugs and making sure things are in proper order.

Luckily I haven’t really made any huge mistakes yet. Maybe except the time I threw away the cells that I was suppose to sub-culture because I was talking to a lab-mate and suddenly shouted out ‘S#it’. Well… At least the cells in the main culture is still living well and I hope it continue to live 🙂

Ahh… I learned more about myself as days passed by…