I always have a problem of assuming that everyone’s love language is ‘Acts of Service’. Maybe that’s why I keep on doing all sorts of things for everyone else, be it those that are close or even if they are just normal friends. Sometimes I feel that I offer help until the point where the other person may think that I am annoying. That’s one thing but what’s my own love language you ask? I will have to say its personal touch. So touch me more often. Ha ha. 😛

Oh for those who don’t understand what all this love language thing is all about then you obviously haven’t heard about Gary Chapman and his book called ‘Five Languages of Love’. He mentioned that every single person have a primary love language that once is fulfilled will make that person feel loved. There are many ways to find out what love language you have, but I’ll be elaborating more about it in detail in individual posts. Anyway just to start things off, the five languages are

1. Quality time

2. Words of affirmation

3. Giving gifts

4. Acts of service

5. Personal touch

So what do you think your love language is?